Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you kung fu?

Thanks to that lovable, chubby Panda we do. And often. I think we've watched Kung Fu Panda a thousands times and have our own little kung fu showdowns a least twice a day. I couldn't resist getting a picture of Drew doing his favorite moves.


Anonymous said...

I love his Kung Fu moves....of course I love all his moves!

Kodi Logan said...

Cute picture. I love Drew's vibrant red hair and his kool-aide red lips! He is such a cutie...gonna be a heartbreaker...I can already tell! We haven't watched Kung Fu Panda at our house yet. Maybe we need to give it a try.

joscelyne cutchens said...

our boys are so the same. hee hee. move over McQueen, Helloooo Po!

PattiM said...

Awe, such a cutie. I'll bet he melts your heart with those eyes.... We haven't seen the movie yet, hopefully we will soon. But my DGS's (5 & 6) are in karate and we go twice a week to watch. So entertaining!! LOL Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!


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Allison Davis said...

You guys definitely have to watch it! It's such a cute movie. I think I love all of Drew's favorite movies as much as he does!

They are the same!! Drew was a huge Cars fan but now we've moved onto Wall-E and Kung Fu Panda! lol

So do they like karate? We've thought about signing Drew up for that. We are for sure doing soccer but we thought he would love karate too. :)

Jennifer said...