Monday, February 16, 2009

The many faces of Drew

It's amazing to me how quickly this little guy can go from a super sweet and loving face to a full on screaming, tantrum throwing, mad face in about 1.2 seconds. Sometimes all it takes to set him off is a simple "Are you ready to eat lunch?"  For a complete visual of this refer to picture #2 on the above layout.

First the fists clench up at his side and he slowly raises them to shoulder level. The mouth forms into a tight little pucker and what starts out as a quiet growl soon grows into a very loud "ahhhhhhhhh!" If you're lucky he even throws in "the look" where the eyes squint up into a piercing stare. That last one has been passed on and perfected over the generations on my side of the family.

The other day Drew, Jackson and I were playing in Drew's room when I took full advantage of Drew's rather unusual, cooperative behavior. I had been wanting to do a page about the many faces of Drew for awhile and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity for the photos. I would shout out "Funny face! Scary face!, (those two can be a little hard to distinguish.), Mad face!" and he would quickly act each one out. Now, if only it would work that fast the next time he started to throw a fit... "Drew, sweet face! Sweet face! SWEET FACE!!


Allie said...

What a cutie! Lucky to get the cooperation. Awesome page - it's so clean! You pull off the white cardstock well. My white pages usually look so blah.

Anonymous said...

Love the page - can't tell you how many little ones I have seen making these faces. Yes, I am a grandma!


LizM said...

Coming from a family of ALL red heads...I can say we red heads definetly have a temper! lol. He is so cute! Love the page too!

Jennifer said...

I ADORE #3!!! So cute. How does time go by that fast?