Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soup and Hearts.

Drew: Mom, I love you oodles and bunches!

Me: I love you oodles and bunches too!

Drew: Oodles are soup...

Me: You mean noodles are soup?

Drew: No! Oodles are soup and bunches are hearts.

Me: So we are saying I love you soup and hearts?

Drew: Nooooo! It's I love you oodles and bunches. Mom, you're silly.

Yeah, I'm the silly one...


Anonymous said...

Cute. I think it is neat you took this photo. How often do we see little ones make this face and yet I have no photos of my kids or grandkids making that face!!!

Linda from KS

Anonymous said...

I love how his mind works. He always has the most interesting things to say.

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

so cute. the things they say. my son barreled down the hall the other night yelling "mom, your dinner's on fire."i nearly had a heart attack, then chuckled to myself. then i explained the difference between steam and smoke. i can't imagine life without these moments...

i got here via your facebook. i'm signing up to follow so i don't miss anything. i love the reminder books. they are way cute. check my blog out and follow if you like. http://livingtheartistsway.blogspot.com.

happy weekend.