Monday, March 30, 2009

So much going on...

so be prepared for random spurts of information.

The end of the month means it's kit time at Scrapbook Generation. The store is pure madness at the end of the month while we are designing, writing directions, cutting and packaging the seven different kit clubs we have.

Remember Me
Remember Them
Boy Crazy
Girl Crazy
Scrapbook Generation page kit club
Allison Davis page kit club
Card kit club

Another one of my responsibilities at the store is to create page kits for our "kit wall", a whole wall devoted to page kits. There are 15-20 different kits on this wall at all times with a wide variety of themes and topics.

(I am amazed at the fact that in all the time that I've been doing so many kits, I just got my first paper cut today.)

I've also been getting my class projects ready for the Scrap-a-palooza mega crop in June. The first one was such a success that we couldn't resist doing another one!

We just wrapped up two weekends of retreats in Branson. This time we had a Polynesian Paradise theme and I instantly fell in love with the mini coconut cream pies. Somehow I was talked into wearing a grass skirt for a photo op but I very quickly declined the invitation to wear a coconut bra.

Drew had his first soccer practice!

It was hilarious. I have much sympathy for the coach. Nothing like trying to control and teach a group of three and four-year-olds the concept of soccer.

Jackson gave me his first toothy grin today. I don't think that one tooth can really classify as "toothy" but you catch my drift. We were starting to worry a little since he's almost 11 months and we had yet to see anything that resembled a tooth. On that subject I can't believe that it's time to plan his first birthday. Where did the last year go!

Be sure to pick up the May issue of Creating Keepsakes. You'll get to see Drew's published debut in my article. We had so much fun working on all of the layouts together. He was so excited to see it all in a magazine or mazginie, as he calls it.

I have officially signed on to teach at CKC Tulsa and Kansas City again. I had also been asked to teach at Louisville and Mesa but had schedule conflicts. Bummer. Would have been fun to do those!



Penny said...

Allison - you continue to amaze me - after spending my day raising kids, I had no energy to create. You not only create, but do it in so many different directions. THanks for sharing part of your family life with us!

Christie said...

I'm going to try and go to KC again this year! I hope to see you again. And both my boys were late getting their teeth in. I was told they will have stronger teeth because of that. I have no idea if that is true or not, but I like the sound of it!

Debbie in STL said...

I would love to know more about the retreats in there a website? I'm going to CKC STL, but KC is a little far for me. I may have to try anyway so I can take your class!

Allie said...

He looks so cute! Hooray for another Scrapapalooza - I might have to come again! There's another MO family bday in June, so maybe it'll work out. Looking forward to the magazine.

Allison Davis said...

Christie, I hope you do go! It would be fun to see you again! :)

Debbie, we do four retreats a year - two in the fall and two in the spring. You should be able to find all the info at :) If you can't find the info you need feel free to ask me!

Denise said...

For future reference: A quick
and great cure for a paper cut is
to put ChapStick on it. Don't know why, but it works like a charm!!!