Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Adventure!

I love the start of a new adventure. The surprises, the excitement, the new challenges. It's a wonderful thing.

As Drew would say, "Ta Da Da Da Daaaaaaaa!"

I can't even descibe how excited I am to team up with the super talented, template genius Tiffany Tillman!

You can find the templates at Little Dreamer Designs. The cool thing is that you can buy the collection of four (actually 12 layouts - four two-page and eight one-page layouts) for $9.00 or you can buy them individually for $3.00. AND right now Little Dreamer Designs is celebrating their 2nd birthday so everything is 30% off until May 2. Definitely a great time to go check everything out!

So, cheers to a new and exciting adventure! :)


joscelyne cutchens said...

wooooooo hooooo for yooooou!
those are cuute :)

JayKaye said...
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JayKaye said...

I am thrilled to see your designs incorporated into 2-page digital templates. You have always been my favorite 2-page designer. I have recently taken digital classes from Jessica Sprague. Now I can use my new digital skills to make great looking 2-page spreads by using your templates. Thanks for making this available for us.

kroller said...

I just got back from Target and saw you and Jackson there today! I thought about coming up to say Hi, but felt a little "paparazzi-ish" LOL I know that sounds weird but anyway, I love the new templates, but don't do much digital yet. Can you also print the templates out to use like your paper sketches? just curious, Thanks!

Allison Davis said...

You so should have said hi! I was in a mad dash to find a bed skirt which apparently those things are hard to find! lol

Our next release will be on the 12th and we are going to offer them as sketches too. You'll be able to print them out along with instructions. :)

kroller said...

Awesome!! can't wait!!
Next time I will say Hi : )