Monday, November 23, 2009

Introducing a new idea book that isn't a book. Sketches that won't give you a paper cut. Classes that you can wear your pajamas to.

We at Scrapbook Generation are very excited to announce our newest adventure. A DVD! But this isn't just any DVD. It's an idea book, a sketch book and a class all rolled into one. The DVD will include:

- Instructional "class" (featuring me and my sis) focusing on how to get the most out of sketches and how to step up the difficulty level of your scrapbooking. We'll show you how to use a sketch over and over and how to alter it to fit your style with simple variations. Plus we'll show you fun and different ways to use your supplies.

- 25 new printable sketches. You'll be able to print out any of the sketches to take with you anywhere you go.

- A full-color, high definition layout gallery with over 70 layouts. All of the layouts will be based off of the printable sketches on the DVD.

We start filming on December 5th and hope to have it on the shelves and online by late December. I'll be posting more information as I have it. Right now I've wrapped up the instructional layouts (there are nine!) and then next I'm starting on the gallery layouts. It's a lot of work but something that I'm beyond excited about.

The DVD will sell for $24.99 but for our first release we are doing a special offer of $19.99. Not too bad for an idea book, sketch book, and class! We are also going to start pre-orders at the store and on our website,


dawn said...

Yeah, you posted!! I'm very excited about this idea. You and your family are so great. I live in Ohio and am always complaining to my husband that I wish I could live closer to your store so I can attend all your classes. Now thanks to another great idea of yours I can see how you do it right here in my home. Thanks so much Allison and family for doing this. Also, thanks for the low first price it will help me afford it after this holiday...

I can go to bed happy now, have a Happy Thanksgiving...

Denise said...

Another great idea. I will have to get mine on preorder. Another way for me to take class from 5 hours away. Thanks for always coming up with new ideas that include your latest ideas. Luv your recipe cards and now a dvd. I'm off to work.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.