Monday, January 18, 2010

My camera has been stolen...

Okay, not really stolen. More like, I left it in the back seat of my husband's car and he left for work before I remembered to get it out. Totally his fault, right? Just for my sake we'll say yes. Well that and it really doesn't matter since he doesn't read my blog. Basically I can point the finger all I want and he'll never know. Since we're going that route I'll also point out that it's totally his fault when I forget to put the stroller back in the car and I find myself stuck at the mall carrying a 1 1/2-year-old, and a chubby 1 1/2-year-old at that, for two hours. 

Anyway, I had this great blog post all ready about the crazy Scrap-a-palooza outcome and my recent TV appearance but because it drives me crazy to have a post without pictures to go with it, I've decided to wait. 

So you can blame my husband, okay, and maybe me a little for this completely pointless and boring post. Feel free to scold him, (not me though!) Maybe then he'll learn to check the car for my belongings before he takes off. 

Men. They are so difficult sometimes.  


Amy from KC said...

Oh, can I just say that this post made me laugh. I am sooo on board with the blame the husband thing. After all, when I find my husband's sunglasses in my car I switch them over to his car so that he doesn't go without! So, although I am looking forward to the Scrap-a-palooza post (and a bit envious of all of you scrappers who live close enough to attend or were able to travel to the event), I do not find this post boring. You definitely have a point.

In our family, we -ok the females- like to say that the y chromosome can be such a handicap for men. ;)

Allison Davis said...

I would have to say that I totally agree with the female side of your family! lol! :)

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