Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going down like dominos

This Scrap-a-Palooza was a crazy one. Crazy because we had the most attendance ever (240) and then crazy because a stomach bug crashed and burned on our usual plans.

For those of you that don't know, the four of us at Scrapbook Generation all play a vital roll in 'Palooza. Mom takes care of all the free classes, helps with customers, and assists with whatever little things comes up. Karin runs the store until 5 p.m. and then heads over to help. Stacey runs the register, which runs all day, and is our computer nerd that fixes any technical issues we might run into. I spend the day running between my big screen demos and classes and then help with customers inbetween. We all spend the day going, going, going.

The Friday before is a crucial day in 'Palooza land. That is the day that we set up our store at Remingtons and we have a very limited time to do it in. For those of you that have been, you've seen how big our on site store is. The way our system goes is that Mom and Stacey do set up while I stay home and get my three demos ready and package my class kits. On Friday, I was just settling down to work on my demos when I get a text, "Can you come help Mom, I'm sick!" Oh no! Stacey had come down with the same "flu from hell" that my family had all had the week before. I'm not going to lie, the worry was settling in. As I explained earlier we each have such a vital roll that someone being sick just isn't an option. But having had the same flu only a week before I knew that this wasn't good.

I get to Remington's as fast as I can to help Mom set up thinking that I could help for a few hours and then get back to my part of the big day. Boy was I wrong. When we left at 4 p.m. I was starting to worry a little about being able to get my demos and kits done. I'm no stranger to staying up late, it's the night owl in me, but I knew when I got home that I would be pulling an all-nighter. Wrong, I got a 45 minute nap at about 6 a.m. I seriously wanted to cry when my alarm when off.

After getting the boys ready and heading out the door, my phone rings. I knew the instant that I saw the caller id that Mom was sick. I don't really remember the conversation because the panic was setting in. I remember bits like, "I won't be there." and "Stacey is going home, she still doesn't feel good." Karin runs the store while 'Palooza is going on so that left me. Me to be in charge of 240 people. Me to teach my classes. Me to do my big screen demos. Me to do the free classes. Me. Me. Me. I had a mini-panic attack wondering how in the world this was all going to go smoothly.

Long story short, things actually worked out great. Stacey ended up feeling better and stuck around. Stacey and Mom's husbands were called in to run the registers (and the ladies loved them!). I did my usually running around like a mad woman doing demos and classes. Karin came over after the store closed and helped out. I was amazed at how many of our customers that offered to help. All went as great as every other 'Palooza as far as I'm concerned. I'm thinking every 'Palooza after this is going to feel easy!


Allison said...

Ay yi yi! Glad everyone's feeling better. Maybe it was the drunken spirits of Remingtons past.

Allison Davis said...

Lol! While Stacey was throwing up in the parking lot she mentioned something along those lines!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how stressful! Glad you got it all worked out and had a successful event. Now go get some sleep, LOL!

dawn said...

WOW, what a crazy weekend for you. I can't believe it. I would have no doubt that you could pull it off though you are amazing. I'm glad it worked out for you and hope everyone is feeling better.

KimberlyK43 said...

My sister in law & I had a GREAT time, as usual, and I think everyone was pretty understanding about the "flu from hell" outbreak. Looking forward to the next event !!! :)