Monday, February 15, 2010

1 sketch, 6 layouts - Wrap Up and Winner

I always like to show the sketch and all the layouts together. It's such a good way to see how easy it is to make small variations to each one and end up with layouts that all look completely different.

The layout the sketch itself was based off of - "Bad Hair Day"

Layout #1 - " Can't Hold Him Back"

Layout #2 - "Seeing Santa"

Layout #3 - "Standing Tall"

Layout #4 - "His Favorite Girl"

Layout #5 - "Drew at Age Four"

When using a sketch multiple times here are a few things I try out.

use different sized photos - like smaller photos in place of a larger photo on a sketch or a larger photo in place of a few smaller ones.
change up the papers - using a scallop strip, torn strip, etc. in place of a normal, plain cut strip on the sketch.
flip the sketch - try upside down or backwards.
switch the pictures - if the sketch calls for horizontal photos, try using vertical instead. Obviously that won't work with every sketch but you might be surprised at how many it will.
break up the papers - if the sketch calls for a 3" strip, try using three 1" strips or two 1 1/2" strips.
shrink it - if the sketch calls for 4" x 6" photos but you would rather work with a smaller size just shrink the sketch to fit your photos.
add more space for journaling - got more to say? Remove one or a few pictures to make more room for your story.
use different shapes - if a sketch has stars, who says you can't use whatever you want. Flowers, circles, arrows, etc., whatever you need to do to make the sketch work for you.

Again, thank you all so much for the nice comments and taking part in sketch week. The winner of this week, thanks to, is....

brad & lesley said...
I love this new sketch series you're doing...I find scrapping from sketches the easiest to accomplish, and you're ideas have my creative juices flowing! I especially love this seeing non-traditional colors on this Christmas layout. Goes to show you don't need to invest in themed product to make a layout look GREAT!

Congrats! Email me your address at!

March sketches week will begin on Monday, March 8. I'm already narrowing down my sketch selection, it's always so hard to pick one! I see one and get the ideas rolling and then see another and a whole other flock of ideas fill my brain. If you have one of our sketch books, Sketches for Scrapbooking, and have one that you would like to see me use, feel free to let me know! :)


dawn said...

Thank you for another great week Allison. Hope you had a fun, lots of hugs Valentines with your boys. I can't wait till next month to see what you show us. I did do a layout kinda like this past weeks at my blog you can check out,

Congrads to the winner of this week.
Sometime this week I'm going to call and order book #5 so I can start using these sketches more often. Have a good week Allison.

Amy from KC said...

Thanks for sketch week! It was great, and I loved that this month you gave us a layout on Friday, too.

You know, if you can't narrow down the sketch, then just do two weeks next month. ;) (I'm 95% kidding, I know you have other things to do in life besides providing endless scrapbooking inpsiration for me... I'm trying not to be greedy!)

Ok, here are my suggestions: I find myself going back to book 3 and 4 a lot. Also, how about a Disney themed layout? (Disney World or Toy Story/ Cars maybe?) Really, I'd be happy with anything you happen to do. I've just got a LOT of Disney World pics from a trip last fall that I want to work on.

Luv2talk said...

Congrats to the winner! I look forward to a new batch of sketches/variations next month. I'll keep checking back! LOVE YOUR STUFF!

brad & lesley said...

This is equal parts exciting and embarrassing! Who knew that the one time I didn't go back and proof-read my comment, I would win. Good thing doesn't disqualify on bad grammar!

Thanks, Ali! I'm excited to be the winner this week!

CodyandTraci said...

congrats to the winner! I am excited to see the wonderful ideas you will come up with next month. Thanks again, Traci

Shari said...

These are my two favorite sketches rigt now. I hope you choose one of them in the upcoming months. congrats to the winner.

Shari said...

I don't think the second link from above worked, so I found the sketches in your books.

Currently, these are my 3 favorite sketches:

Volume one, page 10. 5x7 and 4- 2.5 square photos.

Volume two, page 25. 2- 3.5x5 photos and 9 2.75 square photos.

Volume four, page 2. 5x7, 4x6, 4x4 and 3- 2.75 square photos.

dawn said...

I just ordered Sketchbook #5, can't wait to get it. The monthly kit club looks cool, I really love the boy kit for this month. I might have to join that later.

Allison Davis said...

Amy, I'll see what I can do about the Disney theme. Cars and Toy Story both are a definite possibility. I've got pictures that go with both. :)

Shari, thanks for the suggestions! I'll take a look and see if one of them is calling to me! :)