Monday, April 19, 2010

Something a Little Different

• as seen in Creating Keepsakes magazine

I don't do layouts like these all the time but I do like to throw one in once in awhile. Sometimes it's just fun to do something a little different.

Making the star collage of pictures is a lot easier than you might think. Here's how I did it:

• First I made two large stars with a ruler and pencil. I actually had a large star template but it was a little too small to use for the layout but big enough to use as a starting point. The largest star was used for the decorative edge around the pictures and then the second one was used for the pictures.

• Making collages like this are easiest, at least I think, if you make the shape out of cardstock to actually put your pictures on. So, after I had a star cut from cardstock, I started in the middle with a 4 x 4 picture. The rest of the pictures I could kind of get an idea or not if they were going to work with the points on the star by laying the star over the picture. If a face was peeking off the side I knew it wasn't going to work there. If it did work I adhered it to the star and then trimmed off the excess picture with the cardstock star underneath as a guide.

• After I had all the pictures adhered to the cardstock star I added it to the layout on top of the star out of patterned paper. Since the star extended across two pages I had to make two points to go on the right side.

• The last thing I added to help frame the pictures was a hand stitched border around the star.

I also decided to have a little fun with the journaling to match the star and added hand stitched journaling lines across the right page.

Since the star and the journaling lines were so eye catching I didn't want to overpower it with too much else. The striped strip across the bottom and a few small stars were the only thing else I added.


Amy form KC said...

I remember this layout. I loved it, and put a post-it flag on it to scraplift at a later date. I've put it off because even though you make it sound so easy, I sometimes have problems with shaped collages. Those journaling lines give the layout such movement, and wishing and stars just naturally go together... it's such a great layout. It's just so you. Thanks for making me remember this layout. I may be up to tackling one similar to it soon. :)

Jessica Griffin said...

Absolutely love it!!

Amy said...

Great layout - so creative!

dawn said...

I remember this layout and thinking how cute it was. Thanks for telling us how you did it. It looks hard but you explain it pretty good so I will have to try.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing layout. I love it! I see a scraplift in my future for this one. Such a great way to let your family know what you are thinking which doesn't happen much in my layouts because I am mostly describing my son.

Amy S from Texas

connie said...

I love this LO and hope to do one like this. Thanks for the tutorial on the star.

AndreaFriebus said...

This layout is gorgeous! And thanks for sharing a little insight into your creative process!

Linda E said...

Fabulous layout. Hope you don't mind if I scraplift it.

Christel said...

Great layout! I love the star collage, the smaller stars and the stitching.

Allison Davis said...

Amy, if it would make it easier I've still got the template that I drew out for my page. I can send you a copy of it. :)

Amy S, I know what you mean! I really need to try and do more layouts about myself. I know I love reading layouts like this about my mom.

Linda, scraplift all you want! :)

Thank you everyone!

Robbin said...

Oh my!! I scraplifted this layout long before I even knew who you were :) Thank you for this inspiration!!!!