Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting To Know You...

was so much fun. I think reading through all of your random facts was the most fun I've ever had reading through the comments. Some were funny, some interesting, and some down right amazing. I loved getting a little peek into my blog reader's lives. :)

Some of you asked so here's a little more info about the handcuffing incident. I, somehow, had gotten ahold of some handcuffs (I'm going to assume from one of my stepbrothers.) and decided it would be a great idea to take them to school. There was a boy that was picking on me, I think he liked me, and to return the affection I whipped out the handcuffs, grabbed his arm, and proceed to attach him to the bar on the side of the desk. Needless to say, I got in big, BIG, big, trouble!

The winner of a copy of Sketches for Scrapbooking is...

Kari D. said...
1. I wanted to have one kid and now have nine, and I couldn't be happier about that. (ages 2-14)

2. I hate silhouettes (those black paper shadow pictures of people)- they freak me out.

3. I love to listen to my kids pretend play and have conversations with each other when they think I'm not listening.

4. I actually like my teenage son - a lot! He's really fun and cool to be with. So far, the teens haven't been the "dark years" like my mom said they would be.

5. I am obsessed with Diet Pepsi and won't be surprised if one day I bleed DP instead of blood.

Kari, you can email me at to let me know your shipping information and which volume you would like. P.S. Kudos to you and your relationship with your teenage son! I have heard, and lived through (sorry Mom!), teenage horror stories so it's great to know that it doesn't always happen that way.

Over the long weekend I got on a bit of an organization kick and found this layout from my Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame entry in 2007.

I wanted to find a way to make a page about Drew and how he pronounces words so along the top row I have, in alphabetical order, the way he says the word and then along the bottom it has the actual word.

It was so fun to read through his words and reminisce about the way he said things. It had me giggling and smiling. It also reminded me that I have to do this with Jackson. He is really starting to talk a lot and not one day goes by that I don't laugh at the way he says certain words.

This is one of the many reasons I love scrapbooking. Without this page I would have completely forgotten such a wonderful and fun memory. Plus I'm sure that one day Drew is going to love looking at this page.


Luv2talk said...

I've done similar pages for my boys. We've also verified certain historical family 'facts' with SB pages. It's wonderful to have these things recorded in a way that's fun and informative.

I'm hoping my boys will cherish these memory joggers as much as I do as the days turn into years.

dawn said...

congratulations Kari have fun with your new sketchbook they are great. Thanks again for such a fun post Allison I had fun reading everyone's comments too. Maybe we could do something like this every couple months you know since your not BUSY or anything, was fun to read your answers too Allison love the handcuff story and bet you did get in big trouble. This is such a cute layout for Drew, I never thought to do this but maybe with my cousin who's almost two and saying new words daily now. This is one of the reasons we all scrapbook to remember these sweet baby moments because they go by fast. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend.

Scrapthat said...

Super cute Ali!! thanks for the future page idea! :)

Anonymous said...

That page is so cute. I made a quote book that I put all of my son's funny sayings in when he was just learning to talk & continue to do so. I love to read it & remember back. Certain things will always make me smile like how he calls my purse a person, a trumpet a trumphet and christmas candy cans...:) Amy S.

Allison Davis said...

Luv2talk, I'm hoping the same from my boys. Although my husband tries to tell me that boys won't be interested in that kind of stuff but I think he is wrong!

Dawn, I agree, it was so much fun reading everyone's answers. I'm definitely going to try and find a way to do more "getting to know you" posts.

Scrapthat, thank you!! :)

Amy, I started something similar with Drew but I'll admit I kind of slacked on putting much in it. I do have notes all over the place with cute things he's said I just need to make myself put it an album. I think those kind of pages and albums are the most fun to go back and read. That stuff is so easy to forget!

budletsmom said...

I love the idea for this LO I so wish I had better documened my DS's toddler speak they were sooo cute and now honestly I can't remember half of them.

Kel said...

Love how you captured your son's words. I did that for my first son and just typed them like a regular document. This is very clever and I may try this for my second son's album!

Allison Davis said...

budletsmom, isn't is crazy how easy it is to forget things that you always say you won't. I'm so glad I've gotten a lot down on paper and it always amazes when I go back and read it just how much I had forgotten!

Kel, go for it! I think getting it on a page is the most important! :)