Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I hope you weren't thinking that I was abandoning my blog. What a whirlwind of craziness the last few weeks have been.

Doing something new is always a learning experience and our trip to CHA has definitely been just that.

I have learned that no matter what I will never get tired of hand stitching. One of the decorative touches in our booth is quote bubbles with some of the great things that people all over have said about our books. I, of course, thought it would be a great idea to add hand stitching around them.

Brilliant idea in theory, but maybe not the most well thought out. I stitched almost the whole drive to Chicago (about 9 hours),

pretty much the whole day of booth set up,

But another lesson learned was how much you could do with that small space.

I found out how fun it is to meet my blog readers.

Carolyn and Joanne were fun to talk to and I'm so glad that I got a chance to chat with them. They also happened to be the owners of a store in Canada and were our first order of the show. It was such an exciting moment for us!

Another lesson learned was how great you all have been at spreading the news of our books to store owners.

We had so many that said, "I have customers that want me to get these books." or "I keep hearing how great these books are from our customers." A big thank you to all of you for that one!

And the biggest lesson learned during CHA... no matter what shoes you wear your feet are going to hurt. After the first day, even with super comfy shoes on, my feet felt like they were on fire. I treated myself to a nice long, hot bath the second we got back to the hotel.

We've only got one more day of the show left before we head back home. It's been exciting to watch our books making their way into stores all over but let me tell you, I can't wait to see my boys. It has been near torture to miss them so much and to stand in a booth surrounded with pictures of them.

I'll hopefully be able to post more pictures later this week. :)


Scrapthat said...

Oooo Oooooo....what store in Canada??? Funny I always think of your stitching when I think of your LOs! I hope you are having a blast though!

mcscraps5 said...

That's so great that your book is getting picked up by so many stores. Best of luck to you!!

Allison Davis said...

It's called Two Scrapbook Friends and if it's half as amazing as they themselves are I just know it's a great store.

Allison Davis said...

mcscraps5, thank you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would find time to keep us updated. I have followed you on Facebook. I love your booth, especially your stitching.

Linda from KS

AmyBug said...

That's so great about the orders for the books. All that stitching was really a labor of love. Maybe you could use them for another CHA?

aroller said...

Congrats on all those orders..people will be sketching away all over the world! You are a trooper and definitely stitch crazy : ) All of your pages looked great and I'm sure those boys staring back at you..missed you bunches too,may your trip home be a fast and safe one.

Deanna said...

Hey this is awesome! I teach and design for Two Scrapbook Friends and I can honestly say they are doubly amazing! So glad you got to meet them!

Penny Peck said...

Allison, Stacey and Jeremy - the booth looks absolutely WONDERFUL, professional and great marketing. The extra creative touches you made (bubbles, arrows, signs hand-stitched) is way off the charts in creativity. I am so proud of you guys!! Hurry home!!!! We miss you!!

debbie susee said...

Your booth looks so colorful and inviting. Good work!

Amy from KC said...

I hope that CHA has been a smashing success!!! The booth looks amazing, and I wish that I could have seen it in person. (Maybe if I offer to help stitch next time...)

Also I picked up the copy that I won of Sketches 6 in the store on the 16th, and I LOVE it. Thank you again for doing a giveaway on a random day. It is such a treat!


Stacy said...

Wow! That is a lot of stitching! The booth looks awesome!Cant wait to get my hands on more of your sketch books! Best of luck at the show!

Carolyn Wolff said...

OMG Allison, it was a total pleasure meeting you in person! I am so excited about receiving our order for our store and I know that all the other stores that purchased from you will be equally excited.

I look forward to many more meeting with you, you sister, Jeremy....and hopefully someday, you mom!

Hope you had a great show.

Robin W. said...

So glad to here how well CHA went. I received Volume 6 that I had won (you shipped it out so quickly) and I love it! You've also inspired me with your stitching, and I've now done about three layouts with hand stitching, and I love it. Thank you!!!

Tasha said...

Sounds like CHA was a success! So happy to hear it!

I sure hope my LSS came by and placed an order. I left a note asking if they would.

dawn said...

I knew you'd have success with your books. The booth looks amazing and so fun, who could resist staring at those cute boys of yours. Wish so much that I could have been there but I was having fun in Miami Florida with my oldest and soon to be son in law and his parents. The wedding is in two days, can't wait.

But I was thinking of you while there and kept wishing I could check your blog to see what you had new. So happy for you and your whole family all of you did an amazing job.

Joanne said...

I have to say it was such a pleasure to meet you and your sister! You are both such a delight and your booth was fabulous. We (Two Scrapbook Friends) are so excited to have your books coming into our store and we know our customers will just love them! I know we will be in touch:)
Joanne xo

Luv2talk said...

The booth looks great! Glad you got so many positive comments on your SKETCHBOOKS! They are AWESOME!

Lexi said...

AMEN ABOUT THE COMFY SHOES! Great to meet some local faces and your booth looked great!! No doubt much success will come from this! Congrats to you and SC!! :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous looking booth ... so glad it went good for you!

Allison Davis said...

AmyBug, we sat down one night after CHA and already planned our booth for the next CHA and are definitely using them again. It was too much work not to! :)

Deanna, how lucky you are! I'm sure they are a fun store to work for! :)

Carolyn and Joanne, I can't wait to meet you guys again sometime. You were both so fun to talk to and I just know that my mom would love you guys! :)

Robin, I'm so glad you tried stitching! :)

Tasha, what is the store name?

Lexi, I think the shoes I wore will go in a box until the next CHA. Usually I don't get that lucky finding shoes that comfortable! I can't imagine what the days there would have been like without comfy shoes. My feet were so sore! :)

Thank you everyone for the support and compliments! You guys are awesome! :)