Monday, August 9, 2010

Sketch Support

I'm so excited to introduce to you Sketch Support with Allison Davis, my online class at My Creative Classroom. Registration just opened today!

Here's a little description about the class:

Sketches are, undeniably, a great tool for any scrapbooker to have in their stockpile of supplies. Design can often be the most frustrating part of creating a scrapbook layout. BUT it doesn't have to be! Sketches can save you time and take the headache out of trying to figure out where to put all the elements. Sketches get to do all the heavy lifting, allowing you to have all the fun.

In this five week course you'll learn to stop wasting valuable time on page design and how to use sketches to increase your productivity, expand your style, and multiply your personal satisfaction. Over the five weeks you'll create layouts and creative projects all using exclusive Allison Davis sketches. You'll see how easy it is to adapt a sketch to your own style or skill level and how to add simple to extreme variations to get multiple uses out of one sketch.

Each week will feature a new sketch that we'll use as our starting point for three different layouts or projects. You'll learn how to adapt the sketch to fit the photos you have, the theme you want, the journaling space you need, and how to add more or use less, whatever fits you. Throughout the course you'll also learn tips for picking out papers, Allison's easy design tricks for keeping the focus of your layout on the photos, and fun techniques to get the most out of your supplies.

Start Date: Tuesday, September 7
Fee: $30
Length: 5 weeks

One thing I want to point out is that there is no kit for this class. Why? Because I want you to use what you have on hand and the things you are comfortable with. This class is all about using sketches to benefit you. I don't want you to be stuck with papers or products that might not be your style. This way you get to pick out papers and embellishments that perfectly fit what you are working on. I will have a supply list of what I used just in case you do want to use exactly what I did.

So how does this class differ from Sketch Week here on my blog?

• you will get 5 new sketches that aren't in any of the Sketches for Scrapbooking books
• it's kind of like Sketch Week five weeks in a row!
• there will be lots of time with me so I can help you with areas you might be sLinktruggling with.
• most of the class is focusing on getting the most out of sketches but there will also be tips and tricks for design, techniques, finishing touches, picking out papers, and more.
* each week will focus on a specific area of the sketch like photos, papers, embellishments, title, etc.

Plus, everyone who signs up for the class will get 10% off any Sketches for Scrapbooking order!

You can click here to register. Hope to see you in class! :)


Scrapthat said...

Oh so cool!! I'm thinking I want to do this!! :)

dawn said...

this is so awesome. Would love to do this and get even more sketch ideas. Thanks so much for all you do I know this can't be easy since you are a busy lady already. So how often will you have this class? I like this sketch that your showing now very neat!

Allison Davis said...

Scrapthat, you should!

Dawn, as far as I know just this one time.

Steff said...

This is such an awesome opportunity! I do have a few questions though:
1. Is this a live event? Is there going to be an open forum/chat area for questions and support?
2. Will the class materials be available to me forever if I'm unable to participate fully due to work/family constraints?
I'm a slow scrapbooker, so getting 3 layouts done in a week may be really pushing it, especially with all the other obligations of the day! Thanks for this offering, Ali! I have no doubt you are an amazing instructor! BTW---any news on the DVD?

Anonymous said...

very cool!

Allison Davis said...

Steff, yes it's live. There is a forum where we can chat and I can answers questions, etc. The class materials will be accessable for a year (I know it's at least a year. I'll have to check to see if it's any longer than that). All of the class materials are PDFs so you can print them out and maybe put them in a binder to use at a later time. Don't worry about trying to get three layouts a week done. Maybe try shooting for one layout a week to try out the tips and tricks and then do the rest at your own pace. :)

Allison Davis said...

Okay, hunted down some better answers for you guys

Dawn, while the class is only listed once this time, the hope is to offer it again in coming semesters and if neccessary again this fall.

Steff, as far as the class being live it doesn't mean live feed. You don't have to be inside the classroom at a certain time.

Students will have access to the classroom for 7 weeks. If you need more time than that you can contact My Creative Classroom.

Course materials include a PDF tutorial that students can keep and a presentation that you cannot keep.

Tasha said...

This sounds great! I wish it had lifetime access to the materials as most classes seem to have.
But, I am thinking this is a class I NEED to take, and considering I haven't ever taken a class that's a huge step for me.

Beatrice said...

It sounds amazing!!! I really want to take it, but of course we just had a talk yesterday about tightening our budget lol so I'll have to crunch some numbers. I love your style- I actually googled you months ago, because I noticed the same little boy in so many of the inspiration layouts I had cut out of CK magazines and special issues. I found your site- because an instant follower- sketch week is awesome, ordered several sketch books and joined the super savers club:-) I am also on the pre-order list for your class on DVD- what are the differences between that and this new class? Any updates on when the DVD will be released?

Thanks so much!!!!

Thanks so much!!!

anet said...

I am really thinking I need to do this! Sept. 7 is the first day back to school for us which means back to scrapping for me.

Allison Davis said...

Tasha, you should. I'm positive that each student will walk away with lots of valuable info. :)

Beatrice, the class is similar to the way the DVD is set up. The biggest difference will be the information. In this class I'm trying to really have it full to the brim with information and tips and tricks, etc. On the DVD we had to be so careful of a time limit so things would have to be cut out. I wish I had more to tell you about the DVD but at this point I would say you know as much information as I do. Hopefully we will know something soon. It sure is frustrating to not have a better answer than that!

anet, that sounds like perfect timing! :)

Julie said...

This sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I overlooked it but what time is the class. I am very interested.

Linda from KS

Allison Davis said...

Linda, it's a five week course that starts on Tuesday, September 7. You don't have to be in the classroom at a specific time. :)

nanapatty said...

This sounds very informative and fun. I have never done an online class so I appreciate everyone's questions to help me understand. One more question, can you get into the classroom several times a week to check it out again or just once a week? In the consecutive weeks can you go back and check out the previous weeks if you want to revisit one of the tips?

Christel said...
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Christel said...

I'm also someone who would have trouble viewing it "live" and would need to be able to go back again and again to watch the class. With fall right around the corner, my scrapbooking budget gets cut WAY back due to back-to-school, the upcoming holidays, birthdays, etc. but like I said, it does sound interesting. :) I'm not familiar with this My Creative Classroom site. I've never taken any classes (online or in real life). lol! I'll have to think about it...

Allison Davis said...

nanapatty,once you register for the class you are free to come and go whenever you want, as often as you want. That also includes previous weeks too. You will have access to everything in the class for 7 weeks. :)

Christel, it's not a live class in the sense that you have to be there to see things at a specific time. You have 7 weeks to view all course content. :)

I hope that helps. Here's a link to the My Creative Classroom FAQ page. If any of you have a questions don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to answer any you might have. :)

joel & ginny said...

I hope you get a chance to offer it again! I'm already signed up for two classes at BPS during that time frame,, and I can't add another.

Robeta said...

Allison you say the info for the class is available for 7 weeks. Is that 7 weeks including the 5 weeks of class? And it is available for only 2 weeks after the class ends. I know this sounds knit picky but I have commitments during the 5 weeks of class so if I only had 2 weeks after class ends to access the materials it wouldn't be enough time for me. Thanks for your time.

Allison Davis said...

Robeta, you are correct. The class materials are available for the five weeks during the course and then two weeks after. :)

Roberta said...

Bummer Allison, I won't have the time to take this class.

Hey, have you ever thought about teaching at Big Picture Scrapbooking? I'm not sure of the protocol of doing that but I know your sketches would be a tremendous hit.

At BPS they have a much more friendly time frame for students to access the materials.

Just a though...