Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Awesome Aunt Stacey

I would say I have almost recovered from the blur called January - moving Scrapbook Generation, the launch of Sketch Support, the typical kid craziness, Scrap-a-Palooza, helping Mike start his business, and then all my normal full-time work stuff.  I'm not complaining, it's all been exciting and for the most part fun but I'm looking forward to things slowing down a little in February. Of course, I realize, that I never slow down and am sure that something will come up to keep me on my toes and awake until the wee hours.

This week is one-page week at Sketch Support. I am having a blast designing one-page sketches. I'll forever be a two-page girl but I'm not going to count out one-page layouts. Most of you probably know that I'm big on having lots of photos on my pages and I think you'll see this in a lot of my one-page designs too, like the layout below.

The sketch has four photos but my adaptation of it has five. I had just one more picture I wanted to squeeze in there somewhere.

I love every picture of Stacey with the boys. They are all so photogenic and goofy that it is incredibly easy to capture great pictures of them together, just being themselves. Stacey certainly earned the title "Awesome Aunt Stacey". If she goes a few days without seeing the boys she makes a point to stop by and visit them. She'll get them surprises on a random day for absolutely no reason at all. She can make them giggle harder than anyone else. She'll sit and gab for as long as they want on the phone. I know that she would drop everything and do anything for them. The boys are so lucky to have someone like her in their lives, and believe me, they know it. They adore her.

Make sure you stop by Sketch Support to take a peek at the one-page sketch, the other layouts from our creative team, and enter the big American Crafts giveaway. 


Luv2talk said...

You ROCK the one page LO's just like you ROCK the 2 page. I just LOVE your style.

dawn said...

I love this layout Allison and it's so nice to see when you do a girlie page. The boys are so lucky to have an awesome aunt. I had to laugh about you slowing down in February it seems you always have something fun, new, exciting going on so good luck. You do deserve a vacation though.

Scrapthat said...

LOVED your LO! The pics are great and the papers are fabulous!!Love the pink ribbon also. TFS it's lovely!

Amy from KC said...

I could sure use inspiration when it comes to 1 page layouts, and your sketch is amazing! I am enjoying the new site, and all of the great new items from the design team, but I have to admit to a little withdrawal at not having a new layout from YOU each day. I tell myself that throughout a typical month I will get to see the same amount of projects from you that you used to include in Sketch Week...but you really spoiled us last year. (Not to mention the glory days of a layout a day from ages ago!) Glad to hear you will get a chance at down time soon. We wouldn't want you to get burned out!

And every child should have an aunt like Stacey. My son has one, and so did I growing up!

mustangkayla said...

Too cute! Great pictures! Thats a HUGE reason I am stalking, I mean following Sketch Support! I have just started back into adding numerous photos to a layout and am LOVING your sketches! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm the lucky one...those boys are amazing! I can't remember life before them being half as fun as it is with them around!