Thursday, January 27, 2011

"He might need stitches."

That is not a phrase I want to hear.

"Drew had an accident and he might need stitches." is what the school nurse called to tell us on Tuesday at 1:55 p.m. Apparently untied shoelaces and tether ball poles don't work well together.

I am so not ready for "big boy" accidents that require stitches and hospital visits. 

I was so nervous as we got closer to his school and didn't know what to expect as we walked into the nurse's office.  My wild imagination was producing a graphic slide show in my head of what he would look like.

A big, gash.
Exposed skull.
Blood everywhere.

I have got to stop that.

We rounded the corner to find Drew, sad and scared, with a small band-aid on his eyebrow.


Mike, being the never worried man, said he's fine. I wanted to take him to the hospital to let a doctor decide that, just in case. Mike, again, says he's fine and Drew pipes in to give his vote. "No doctors!"

The score is 2 to 1. Mike grins, thinking he's won the battle.

Then my mom calls.
2 to 2. 
Stacey calls.
3 to 2. 
To the hospital we go.

Poor Drew was terrified and I admit I was too. I didn't want to have to see him go through what I thought was in store for him. However, the doctor, having 10 kids of her own, could sympathize with putting your kid through the act of getting stitches, especially in an area so close to the eye. Much to Drew's relief (and mine) she glued his small little wound.

He went from scared to this is so cool in about two seconds.



Scrapthat said...

Awwww....Poor Drew! Poor mom too!
Glad to hear stitches weren't necessary!
I have always said kids should have a plastic bubble to live in until they are about 20 at least LOL!

Luv2talk said...

Can't wait to see the LO. (lol).

Glad he's fine.

Christie said...
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Christie said...

Poor Guy! As a mom of two boys myself, I have already had 3 trips to the ER. My oldest has had to have his head stapled closed twice! The first time he was only two. It never gets easier. Boy-raising is not for wusses! lol!!!

mustangkayla said...

Oh yikes! How scary for you! Poor little guy too! Glad it ended with being 'cool' though!

seashell said...

as a mom of boys and one to say "walk it off" i have had my share of trips for head wounds they tend to bleed more and make it hard to say "buck up" i had one nurse who glued her finger to the cut! that was worse then the actual visit to the ER!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Awww ... poor Drew! I am glad he's ok but that first picture sure pulled at my heart strings!

MaryAnn said...

Arn'et you glad you took pictures before and after. Drew looks like it was a big adventure in the last photo.

Allison Davis said...

I would be completely okay to put both boys in a bubble! lol

Christie, were you freaking out! Staples at two, I would have been a mess! I'm still surprised that Jackson hasn't required anything like that. I always thought he would be the first to need stitches.

Glued her finger! And that stuff is super strong.

I am so glad I took pictures! Mike thought I was crazy for taking my camera. You would think at this point he would just realize that where I go, my camera goes. :)

Amy from KC said...

Oh, bless your hearts! It is a jolt to get a call from the school nurse - especially when the word "stitches" is used. (At least it wasn't the word "broken.")

Glad to see that Drew is ok. I see that he is at the store in those last photos. :)

~HappyScrappinMama~ said...

I know how you feel. The first time my son "busted" his head, I was 7 hours away from home about to board a cruise ship with my mother and grandmother. My daughter called me and she wasn't suppose to tell me about it but bless her she let it slip. I was ready to drop everything and head home, but hubby took him to his pediatrician and they glued him up and he had an AWESOME story to tell...LOL Then 2 months later he did it again, thankfully I was in town and took him in myself. Hope your little guy heals quickly!

Paula in Ontario, Canada said...

Wow, does this ever sound like my husband and I deliberating whether or not the kids need to go to the hospital... and I have learned to stop listening to him... as the doctor is always diagnosing something! I'm very happy that all is well at your house now!

dawn said...

awwww the poor little guy and poor mom, I know that feeling but it's usually my youngest daughter and the worst came 2 springs ago when bike riding she flipped over the handlebars and landed on her face, her sweet, pretty little face. When we stood her up she was covered in so much dirt,grass, blood we didn't know if she was ok or not. So after a gentle, painful cleaning at home she was ok except for her two front teeth which were chipped, I never want to go thru that again. It still hurts just thinking about it. My son Sam though he is always falling down because it's "fun" he says so I think he's like a stunt man already and knows how to fall without getting hurt, thank goodness. So glad Drew is ok and no stitiches, hooray. I think it's normal that you took your camera, don't want to miss any action do we??? Hugs to you both.

Yvonne said...

Being a mother of boys isn't for sissies.

Linda from KS said...

The first photo is worth is fantastic. I immediately thought poor, little Drew. A photo completes your story. I am glad you had your camera.

Elisabeth said...

Goodness! These are the calls you do not want to get!!! A doctor with 10 kids?????? Godness!!!!

anet said...

Oh my! He is absolutely adorable! Going to be a heartbreaker, that one!

I didn't worry so much about my son getting hurt it was child #2, my daughter, that I was convinced would break something by the time she turned 2. Little daredevil! Knocking on wood that we are at 6 years old and so far no trips to the ER.

Glad it turned out okay. Hang in there mom!

Michele Mc said...

Poor Drew! Glad he's doing OK.

I had a very similar experience a couple years ago when my oldest was 5. She ran into the corner of a door and split her forehead - not a huge wound but it bled a lot. I wanted to try to minimize the scar so off to the hospital we went. Her wound was glued, she was given a stuffed "boo-boo" dog and she declared her visit to the hospital "one of the best days ever!". Took probably a year off of my life but she thought it was the best day ever. It all comes down to perspective, I guess!

Lisa said...

Glad he's okay. My boys are in the big accident stages too. This summer a camp counselor called to say my son had hurt his hand. I arrived to find them loading him into an ambulance. Come to find out, his hurt hand was actually two, yes two, broken arms. Both in long casts for 6 weeks. Now that's fun!

Karen B said...

It must have been the week for injuries! My 2 yr old had a gash in about the same spot and needed glue too. I have a feeling we will be on a first name basis with the ER staff and him. I absolutelylove the pic of Drew!!!That face! The dr at the er even said the one time you don't bring him is when he will probably need stitches. You are better off having it checked!

Steff said...

Oh, Alison! So sorry to hear about your little Drew! When I was a toddler I had an injury in that same exact spot (other eyebrow though). I did have stitches and my dad says he remembers having to hold my head while I screamed and the doctor stitched! Wish they'd had super glue then!

Christel said...

Awwww poor little guy. I hope he's ok. I always dread getting a call from the school during recess time. My little girl was pulled down by her coat on the playground by another little girl last year which caused my daughter to have a fractured wrist. My daughter is not one to cry unless she is really hurt and she was crying when I got to the school to take her to the ER. Of course, our lovely ER doctors didn't see the fracture on the x-ray and sent us home. I got a call the next day from the ER saying that they looked at the x-ray again and there was indeed a fracture. Unfortunately, the same similiar thing has happened to several people who I've talked to. Hmmmmm.... can't help but wonder about that... Anyway, I had to go get her out of school and back to the ER we went and then on to the doctor who put her cast on. Of course I had to get into a huge argument with them about how they better not dare try to charge our insurance for 2 ER visits since they didn't read the x-ray the right way the first time.

I'm glad your little guy (and you) didn't have to go through all that.

Jennifer said...

Poor Drew! Hope he's feeling better soon. I know just how you feel. DD fell at preschool just before she turned 4 and a rock went through her chin. That 3 minute drive from my work to her school was so long. I immediately called my sister, a nurse, and she convinced me I could handle whatever was waiting for me and I would know if she needed stitches. She did and the plastic surgeon did hers the next day while putting her completely under. DD did so much better than I did! :)

Linda said...

Just realized my post didn't make sense.....I think I started to say it is worth a million words then thought it was fantatic photo, if that can be said about an injury photo. It just captures so much.

Original post:
The first photo is worth is fantastic. I immediately thought poor, little Drew. A photo completes your story. I am glad you had your camera.

Allison Davis said...

I love that you guys shared your stories with me too. It's always nice as a Mom to know that we all encounter pretty much the same accidents and experiences. :)

AmyInKy said...

My 9 year old son went to the ER twice for stitches (both in his head!) and once for a concussion.
Tonight we took our 12 year old to an urgent care center after a fall at basketball practice. He has a broken wrist! Boys!
Glad Drew was able to just go with the glue. :)