Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day


Finally taking down the Christmas tree. Check.
Informing Mike of what he got me for Valentine's Day (photo above). Check.
Cupcakes with heart sprinkles. Check.
Spider-Man and Fun Dip Valentines for Drew. Check.

Balloons ordered and ready for delivery to two little handsome boys. Check.
Lightning McQueen Valentines with Jackson's scribbles/signature. Check.

Heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich packed in a Buzz Lightyear lunch box. Check.
Strawberry heart shaped muffins for breakfast. Check.

 Three adorable boys that I love more than anything in the world. Check. 


Amy said...

Your such a good mommy! I Love your picture too...and are those letters on the wall next to it? They look cool. Just curious :-)

Allison Davis said...

The letters next to it spell "Davis". I used chipboard letters covered with patterned papers and, this is the funny part, they are attached to the wall with pop dots! They've been holding strong for about a year! :)

dawn said...

awww Allison you are such an awesome mom!! How sweet you are to your little boys and the love you showed them today. My husband actually made the kids cards for today and they were so excited and I got them candy which is a first, I'm not into the candy thing. I love that artwork for you, what excatly is it, did you make it or buy it?? It's wonderful and fun and perfect!!
Happy Valentines Day Allison to you and your 3 guys.

Allison Davis said...

Thank you for the sweet comment Dawn! I bought the picture at Target. I saw it and fell in love! It's the exact color combo I want to redo our living room in. :)

dawn said...

I need to go to target and get me one too. Doesn't everyone love Target.

Lisa G. said...

OMGosh, your son's face....such concentration! Too cute! Love the art work too. :) Happy V-day ;)

Carolyn Wolff said...

You are not only a super scrapbooker, a super are a super mom! Great photos. Thanks for sharing. By the way, my most favourite thing in the entire world is FUN DIP!

Allison Davis said...

Lisa, he was in deep concentration for probably a minute. After that it was requests for me to draw our dog Chewy on all his Valentines. I'm glad I got the picture when I did! :)

Carolyn, you are so sweet! Seriously, who doesn't love Fun Dip! :)

Christina Hoffman said...

OMG, I have that same picture in my scraproom. I originally bought the pink one, got it home and hated the dog on it. So I showed my husband this one and he liked it better so I took the other one back. This one suits me better since I love bingo and we have a camper. Weird I know. And I love the fact that it was a cute picture for only $19.99.