Wednesday, April 6, 2011

O' dare

I think I am raising a hillbilly. I guess you could say redneck too. Neither one of those terms are really my favorite words in the world. Living in an area where your accent automatically causes others to deduct points from your IQ, not always fun.

I, myself, have to be cautious of particular words or else they come out all rednecky. Mike gets a big kick out of it when I'm excited and get to talking too fast and out comes "sail" (with a heavy accent) instead of sell. He thinks that because he lived in Los Angles for six years he got the redneck out but I hate to tell him, over the years I hear that accent of his getting worse and worse. He often stops mid sentence to ask, "That sounded really redneck, didn't it?"

Now that Jackson is starting to talk more and more, I'm seeing him take on the hillbilly way of pronouncing words too.

He says: fire in da ho. He means: fire in the hole.
He says: hersey. He means: horsey.
He says: MawMaw. He means: Mama.
and my all time favorite, He says: o' dare. He means: over there.

So when he says something like, "MawMaw, I see a hersey o'dare by the fire in da ho!" I can't help but to laugh and imagine him dressed in cut off overalls, a flannel shirt, a straw hat, and bare feet just like the hillbillies in the shows in Branson. I wish I sounded and looked at cute as he does when he talks like that!

He's my little hillbilly baby.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he was so talkative yesterday and I got to here some of his "hillbilly speak" in person. I'm still laughing sitting here thinking about it!

Allison Davis said...

The o' dare one makes me laugh every single time he says it. I even say it slowly oovveerr tthheerree and he still says o' dare. It's hilarious!

Gabriella said...

I laughed as I read this post b/c although we live in a suburb of Chicago, my 3 year old constantly, constantly sounds as if she's growing up in New Jersey. Just the other day she said to me, "Oh no! Duh deebee deebee! It's GOH-WAHN." (Oh no! The DVD! It's gone.)

CAstangs said...

He sho' sounds kewt (Oh, I mean he sure sounds cute). ;-) They pick up accents so easily. I have my mother to thank for my touch of twang and now my 4 year old is picking it up - and we don't live anywhere near the south (ok, "South"ern California). He's a cutie! Oh - and I LOVE your sketches!

Erica said...

This is hysterical! Thanks for sharing!