Sunday, April 17, 2011

Very cherry cupcakes

Another entry into the Allison's cupcake adventures.

This mini-cupcake thing is getting a little out of hand. If I keep posting so much about cupcakes eventually I'm going to have to add "cupcake creator" to the title of my blog. Out of pure boredom, and a recent viewing of Cupcake Wars, I decided to make these little cherry topped cuties.

Cherry chip cupcake + cherry almond icing + a cherry on top = awesome! 

I cheat when I make cupcakes. I go for quick and easy with box mixes and pre-made icing. It's kind of like using a sketch for scrapbooking. I have a starting point and then add some different flavors and details.

The sign that they tasted good? Finding ten empty cupcake liners hiding in Drew and Jackson's book shelf. (and Jackson's pink lined lips)

Next up in my cupcake adventures: Mickey Mouse cupcakes for Jackson's 3rd birthday party. I've researched. I've planned. I will conquer.


dawn said...

These look so pretty and yummy Allison. Can you share the recipe for them please. Can't wait to see your Mickey ones for Jackson.

Jody B. said...

I love all of your cupcakes. I'm on a mission to create cupcakes that look like ice cream sundae's for my daughter Lily's 4th birthday party next month. She's having a Candy Shoppe birthday party and I thought ice cream sundae cupcakes would fit the theme perfectly. I have a few ideas for the cupcakes, but we'll see how they turn out!

debbie susee said...

Those are so sweet! Love them. <3

Amy from KC said...

Those cupcakes look delish! It is so funny that you found hidden evidence of cupcake pilfering by the boys...or was it just Jackson? He's lucky he didn't get a tummy ache.

Have you heard of Bakerella? Her site is a fun one for inspiration. Jody B., you might want to check our her site for ideas on those ice cream sundaes. She makes all kinds of baked goods, but she is known for her cake pops.

Jody B. said...

Amy from KC...Thank you for sharing the name of that website. I just visited the site, and wow there's lots of inspiration there.

Allison Davis said...

Dawn, the recipe is super simple: 1 box cherry chip cake mix, 1 tub cherry icing, 1 tsp. almond extract for the icing, and cherries. :)

Jody, I bet they will be adorable! I saw some really cute hot fudge sundae cupcakes with sprinkles and a cherry at the Better Homes and Gardens website. They've got lots of great cupcake recipes. That's were I get most of my cupcake recipe ideas from.

Amy, I actually have that cake pops book! My sister got it for me for Christmas. I've yet to attempt cake pops yet but I really want to. There are so many cute ideas in the book. Love the website, thank you for sharing it! :)

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Oh those look sooo good! I can't wait to see the Mickey Ones! Cupcakes are so much fun because you can be so creative with them and you don't feel as guilty when you eat one (or two) :)

dawn said...

Allison, thanks for the recipe. We don't have any kind of cherry anything here only strawberry cake mix and strawberry icing. Which store did you use?

Jody, I love the theme your using for you daughter's bday. How much fun that will be.

Allison Davis said...

I would try using a yellow or vanilla cake mix and then add in some chopped maraschino cherries. It would probably taste even better that way. :)

Jennifer, that's why I have a love/hate relationship with mini-cupcakes. I don't feel bad for eating one or two but it never fails, I don't stop at one or two! :)

dawn said...

Thanks Allison for the idea. Your cupcakes are looking so yummy. I usually don't bake because I burn whatever it is but your starting to hook me with these mini cupcakes.