Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation: the pool

One thing the boys really enjoyed during our vacation was the unlimited supply of pools at the resort we stayed at. I swear, you couldn't walk 30 feet without seeing another pool, or water slide, or even a lazy river that you could float down on an tube.

When we arrived we thought that the day would best be spent relaxing and swimming. Especially after the 18 hour drive.

The photo below is Jackson's "cheese" face. Trying to get him to smile for pictures ends up with either a "no" with a quick turn away or a scrunched up, closed eyes, cheese grin. I love it!

We got to see Drew go from a kid that hated having water on his face to a full blown fish. He was jumping in the water, going underwater, and attempting to swim. It was so great to see him really dive in and enjoy it!

Jackson? Wow. You had to have all eyes on him at all times. He was not afraid of the water at all and would bail off into the pool without a drop of fear. He would even hold his breath and go underwater. There were a few times he ended up with a mouth and nose full of water and he would giggle. He is so fearless and obviously a natural born fish like his mama was at his age.

After seeing how much they enjoyed swimming (and how fearless Jackson is around water) we signed them up for swimming lessons. They both start tomorrow and I can't wait! Hopefully it will keep me from being so nervous when they are around water!


Amy from KC said...

I am so excited to hear about your vacation! Thank you for sharing with us. I also can't wait to see any layouts that you do, so please, please share! OBTW, at which resort did you stay?

Allison Davis said...

I will definitely share them! The two-page sketch for next month is going to be perfect for some of our Sea World pictures.

The resort was Orange Lake in Kissimee. We loved it! It was huge and had so many activities that we could have stayed there the whole time and had a blast.

dawn said...

How cute these photos are of your little fishes. So glad they liked the water and had fun in the pool. My kids love swimming in the hotel pools wherever we go.
Hooray for swim lessons, it will be fun for all of you. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Is Drew missing school?

Linda said...

Your photos are awesome!

Allison Davis said...

Drew is really enjoying his summer vacation. I figured he would miss school since he loved it so much but he still says he's not quite ready to go back. I'm enjoying the extra time I get to spend with him!

Thank you Linda! :)

dawn said...

Thanks for answering my question about Drew and school. This is great he's not missing school and hopefully he will be ready to go back again. Enjoy your summer with him.

Allison Davis said...

I am really enjoying the summer...just the other day I realized I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures this summer, except for our vacation. I think I've been so busy enjoying it that I haven't had my camera with me most of the time. Crazy right? :)