Thursday, July 14, 2011

freedom ride

Jackson has never been one to go with the flow. He's wants to do his own thing and have his own fun. Others are always welcome to join in but, it isn't needed. I love that about him. It can be exhausting when bed time rolls around but, in general, I think it's a great quality to have.

Every year on the fourth we have a tradition called "the flag run." No, it's not a patriotic 5K. It's Drew, with flags, running. Oh, and we take about a thousand pictures. Sounds excited, right? It started on his second 4th of July with him enjoying his newest hobby, running, while carrying flags. We got oodles of cute pictures as he giggled and we've done it every year since. A new tradition was born.

Jackson refused to partake in this event this year. Instead he put his own spin on it with a tricycle. It was Jackson, with flags, biking. A little 4th of July freedom ride. We took tons of pictures, well, because that's what we do. He even went so far as to decorate the tricycle with a flag sticking out of the front. It was festive, it was cute, and it was the start of a new tradition.

Lately I've been scrapbooking older photos but I couldn't resist these. They were a perfect fit with the new two-page sketch at Sketch Support. You'll definitely want to go check out the sketch and what the creative team has done with it.


dawn said...

What a great tradition for Jackson to have. I really like this page and everything on it. These colors are my favorite all the time and can never get tired of flags. Like the way you put these colors into the title also. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Linda said...

This layout is fantastic. I love it! Oh yes, Jackson is so darn cute.

mustangkayla said...

What a fun tradition! I was just thinking the other day of my Grandma (who passed away 8+ years ago). She used to a walk around the neighborhood decked out in red white and blue and with flags. She called it her Freedom March. I sure wish I had pictures of it now!

FABULOUS layout! Just stunning! Love EVERYTHING about it!

dawn said...

I'm sending you a early Happy Birthday wishes for you. This will be a busy week for my family and I didn't want to miss the chance to tell you. It's been quite a year for you and I've enjoyed every minute of it. You should be so proud of yourself and your family too. I can't wait to see what the next year brings to you. Thanks for all the joy and inspiration your blogs bring to me. My birthday is a month after yours that's how I remember it. So party on my friend and enjoy it to the fullest.
love and hugs,

Allison Davis said...

Linda, I have to agree with you 100%! He's the cutest! :)

mustangkayla, "Freedom March" is great! And what a fun memory to have of your Grandma!

Dawn, thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I'm hoping to make the 31st year of my life one that I won't forget! :)