Wednesday, August 17, 2011

birthday fun for everyone

At Sketch Support this week we are featuring a birthday hat add-on sketch with lots of possibilities. Birthday embellishments have always been one of my favorites to make. Hats, presents, cakes, balloons - there is so much you can do with simple shapes and basic supplies! Plus the beauty of making your own from time to time is you can custom fit them to your project.

My first use of the birthday hat sketch was for a "Happy Birthday" card.

The second use of it was for a birthday layout. This time I made a scaled down version of the birthday hat for an embellishment.

I posted about Mike's birthday party here on my blog and I'm so glad I did! That post ended up being the journaling for my layout. All I had to do was copy, paste, and print. Can't beat the ease of that!

I have one more project to share created from the birthday hat add-on sketch that isn't posting on Sketch Support...

made by my little scrapbooker in training, Drew.

The birthday hat sketch caught his eye and he asked if he could make one too. I cut the main triangle for the base and the strips and also pierced the holes for the brads and the stitching, he did everything else on his own. I'm going to let Drew tell you about his hat in his own words.

Me: Drew, what would you like to tell everyone about your birthday hat?

Drew: I put ribbon on it. I put a flower on the top. I threaded (stitched) it. And I had fun doing it.

Me: Do you want to tell everyone anything else about your hat?

Drew: No, not really. Oh wait! Do you like my flower on top of my hat? Do you like what I used? Do you like everything that I made? I do too. The end.



COScraps said...

Super cute....absolutely adorable.....Awesome job Drew it's the best birthday hat I have seen......and Yes, Drew I love your flower on top great job!

Cynthia B. said...

You did great, Drew! I bet my 12-year-old can't do as well as you did (he definitely can't stitch like that). You must take after your mama. :) Awesome birthday hat card!

dawn said...

Way to go Drew, you did an awesome job. The flower on top is my favorite part. You did better stitching then me too.

My birthday is tomorrow (Thurs.) so it's a great week for you to do a birthday theme!!

Lynette said...

Just as crafty as his mommy;-)

Julie B said...

How cute!!! I'm embarrassed to say that he did a better job on his than I will on mine! : - ) And, yes, Drew, we like the flower on top, we like what you used and we like everything that you made!

Timeless Creations said...

Adorable!! I love that he gets involved in your interests - what a great thing for parent & child to do together!