Friday, August 19, 2011

the first of first

Wednesday, August 17th
6:00 a.m.
My alarm goes off. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. Beeeeep. 
Jackson is standing at the edge of my bed about two inches from my face.
Jackson: Mom give me a five! 
Me: Jackson, you should let me hold my hand up first. You got my nose!
Jackson: I sorry. It's time to get up! Drew has to go to school today! 
Me: Okay, okay. I'm getting up.
I walk into the dinning room and as I round the corner to see the pantry, there is Drew, perched on the top self.
Drew: Hi Mom! I thought you were sleeping too long so I was getting some breakfast by myself.
Me thinking to myself: How long has he been up if he thinks 6:00 a.m. is sleeping in?

And this was how we began Drew's first day of first grade. With a smack in the face and a red-headed monkey in the pantry.

Jackson is an early morning explorer so I wasn't too shocked that he was up. I was just thankful that it was a high five to the face instead of hearing a big crash in the living room. Obviously if Drew was up before I was he must have been pretty excited. He's not much of an early riser if it doesn't involve the bearded guy in the big red suit and presents.

I'm sure there were many reasons for his excitement. New shoes, new clothes, new Mario backpack,

new Angry Birds notebooks, seeing his friends after a long summer break, his new "super pretty" teacher (because according to Drew, the prettier, the better the teacher. He really, really thinks this one is a good teacher.)

We ate our breakfast, I filled out what felt like a million forms for Drew's school, we got dressed, and headed out the door for a quick photo, or two, (or twenty).

Jackson was just as excited for Drew's first day back at school and because he wants to do everything Drew does, he had to have his backpack too. While Drew's was filled with school supplies, Jackson's was filled cars and his beloved Mickey Mouse. It made a nice little jingle as we walked Drew to school.

 At the end of the school day while Drew was sipping on a Capri Sun and we were driving home I asked him, "How was your first day of first grade?"

His reply was a random rush of sentences gleaming with his excitement.

"Good! We still get two recesses in first grade! And you can still make my lunch for me to take because first graders do that too! I got to play with Lauren and Eelexa at recess! We don't do centers in first grade but that's okay. Centers is for the little kids. Oh, and my teacher put popcorn in my backpack! Can we have popcorn when we get home?"

I think he had great first day of first grade.


Luv2talk said...

I think school pictures/themes/supplies are my favorite to scrap. I've got a senior in HS and a senior in college. This will be my last 'first day'.

Make each year count; that's all I can say:)

janet said...

What an absolutely wonderful first day memory. We homeschool year round so our first day is usually the day public school goes- but we head out for a lunch date. Just DD and me- such fun memroies. Thanks for sharing- your post made me smile!

Sheila Mayden said...

Priceless memories...I love it!

Timless Creations said...

Adorable! and I love that chubby cheeks on your little guy!

1st day of school sounded like a success!

dawn said...

What a great first day of school. I love the early morning story you put in, that Jackson is funny. Sweet pictures as always. Have a great weekend and thanks so much for sharing, was hoping to see this.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Drew had a great first day back at school! :).. Jackson is so cute! :)...

Ashley L.

laurakim said...

I love your blog about your son's first day of first grade. My grandson also had his 1st day of first grade today, and he thought he had a pretty teacher, also. So, you're right, that's a good thing. I am intrigued with your sketches, as I am an avid scrapbooker in Tennessee, so I'm going to take a look at your store and perhaps buy your new book. TFS

Lynette said...

What a great first day!