Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lunch with Drew

One of the things I enjoyed most about Drew's first year of school was surprise lunches. We are lucky that Drew's school encourages parents to join their children for lunches. Most of the time I would surprise him and not tell him I was coming. It was always so fun to see his eyes light up when he rounded the corner into the lunch room and saw me sitting there with his favorite lunch - a corndog, tator tots, and an orange slush from Sonic.

I think it made both mine and his day when we had lunches together.

But, let me tell you, lunching with the Kindergarten class takes some serious patience. (Seriously, teachers do not get paid enough!) The skills required for lunching with Kindergarteners are tough. Since we are officially in first grade and practically seasoned pros, here are my pointers for you first time "lunching with Kindergarteners" parents.

• Expect hugs and lots of them. I would guess at least one per child. Well, actually two per child. Once when they see you and once when you leave.

• Don't wear flowers in your hair. The little girls will try to take them out. Same goes for jewelry.

• Don't bring chocolate cake or any other special sweets for your child. If you do be prepared to have at least ten little sets of puppy dog eyes staring you down.

• Be prepared to answer blunt and completely random questions.

• Study up on the latest toys McDonald's are offering in Happy Meals. There will be discussion over who has what. Silly Bandz, DS games, and flavors of Fruit Roll Ups could possibly come into conversation too.

• Drink at least one energy drink before. You will need it to keep up with the million stories a minute from several kids at once.

• Knock, knock jokes will be told. Laugh like it was the funniest thing you've ever heard. It also helps to break out some of your best too. 

• When you are shown the contents of one's lunchbox, you must respond with enthusiasm and surprise.

• Even if you feel like a big meany, do not, I repeat, do not let another child sneak a bite from your child's lunch. The lunch room monitors will get onto parents too. Even the parents who had no idea it happened.

• Expect to have a great time with an imaginative, silly, and fun group of kids. If you don't leave with a smile and a slight urge to skip down the sidewalk, something might be wrong. :)


dawn said...

This was funny to read. You must have one nice and friendly school since we don't have that kinda lunch with our kids. First, kindergarten is only half day so no lunch is needed. Second in first grade thru 5th grade we have one visitors day lunch where you can eat with your child on that day only. Third they strongly encourage us not to bring food from outside the school (esp. fast food) because the other kids will want it.
So that's it one time a year we all go together and have lunch. We can always volunteer in the classroom but that's it. How nice that you get this chance to sneak in to see your boy.
I liked all your tips though, lol especially the flower in your hair one.

Lynette said...

This was a great read..I think it is so special that you are allowed to have lunch with your child at they would never do it.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

What an awesome memory! Its so great the Drew's school has and encourages that! I'll have to remember those tips! Cute Layout too but then again your Layouts always are!

Melissa Bell said...

What great tips! Loved reading them. That is awesome that you can enjoy lunch with Drew. :)

angie ulseth said...

I'm a third grade teacher. Your list is great and would cover most third third grade lunch tables, too. I'd only add - Be prepared to open a million packages of snacks. Those little hands have a hard time getting them open.

We have parents join us in our lunch room whenever they want. Kids love it and some teachers do, too. :)