Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You can't plan it.
You can't force it.
You can't imagine how happy it makes me to see these two becoming such good friends.

It's funny to think back to those days after we brought Jackson home from the hospital and how Drew wanted absolutely nothing to do with Jackson. I was already fearing that they wouldn't like each other. I so badly want the boys to have a relationship like I have with my sister.

Then, slowly, Drew started taking a little interest in Jackson as he grew.

Jackson started talking and Drew's interest grew a little more.
Jackson started walking and Drew was quick to follow him.
Jackson got hurt for the first time and Drew was concerned.
Jackson started playing with toys and Drew wanted to play with him.
Jackson started following Drew everywhere he went and Drew loved every second of it.
Jackson would get in trouble and Drew would say, "Be nice to Jackson!" and Jackson would do the same. 

Now they spend almost every second they can together. Building tents in the bedroom, digging holes in the backyard, getting into mischief, jumping on the bed, curled up watching movies, building big Lego castles, and the best part...

laughing more and fighting less.

I hope that this means they are on the road to have a very special brotherly bond. I know from experience that having that with your sibling is just about the best relationship in the world. It's nice to have someone that you trust with anything and everything. Someone that you can always have interesting and fun conversations with and it never gets old (even if some of the conversations are ones we've been having for years.) And most importantly, someone that you can always count on, no matter what, no matter the reason, there they are to help and support you. It's an amazing friendship that I hope my boys get to experience too.

And, I think they will. :)


Jennifer Larson said...

Love these photos--and there is something special when brothers are getting along. Enjoys these happy moments!

Lynette said...

The most amazing thing is that they will go on to be best friends throughout their lives...they share an unbreakable bond. Such a sweet post.

bakscrap said...

Such sweet photos. I love your "journaling", great moments to remember.

janet said...

Just simply a wonderful post! My 4 siblings and I have a very special bond too. And thankfully we all recognize that bond and hold it very dear. We LOVE spending time together. What a precious, precious memory for your darling boys! You rock Allison!

Moongirl said...

My mom told me that I took one look at my brother and said, "I ordered a sister; take it back!"

Allison Davis said...

Moongirl, that is hilarious! In a toast by my sister at my wedding she talked about how everyday that Mom and Dad were at the hospital while I was born, she got a present and each day the present got bigger and more exciting. The final present was the day I came home from the hospital and she was very, very disappointed because she was really wanting an Etch-a-Sketch. :)

AlanaM said...

It is neat to see isn't it? My boys just turned 12 and 9 and are still just as much best friends now as they were at your boys' ages.

Anonymous said...

I really did want an Etch-A-Sketch...then. I have come to terms with the fact now that you were a much better gift

dawn said...

I left a comment here yesterday when I saw this, must not have went thru.

This was soooo sweet to read and I love the pictures. IT's usually when the younger sibling gets bigger and more fun to play with that the bond really starts. So glad you have these moments with them now and they will be best buddies for life now. Such a cute story about you and your sister, you can tell she loves you now though and how close you two are. My mom came home with twin sisters for me so she always had one and I got one too, so it was perfect. She always said I was a little mother to them.
Thanks for sharing this story, so sweet.

Luv2talk said...

I know I'm late to the party but I just got back into town and saw this post. I have 2 boys (2 1/2 years apart) and it still warms my heart to hear them in there, playing X-Box and laughing their heads off. (They are 18 & 20)

No matter what happens in this world, I know they have each other.