Friday, September 30, 2011


Tonight, in a horrific event, Jackson learned why we don't leave toys/stuffed animals in the backyard to fend for themselves against the well-named Chewy, our chocolate lab.

Poor Mickey's injuries were mostly contained to the nose and an internal building of fluid in his head, most likely due to excess amounts of dog slobber. Jackson was distraught that his Mickey would never be the same. I was thankful that he was still recognizable and not a strewn out mess in the backyard.

When Jackson was old enough to venture into Drew's room he found his first love. Mickey.

At that time Mickey was shiny and new and not near the dirty, worn, green eyed Mickey he is today. Drew never really liked Mickey that much so he was fine with Jackson taking him. I don't think it would have mattered anyway. Mickey wasn't going to be ripped from Jackson's grip without a fight.

From that day to the present, Jackson has taken Mickey everywhere with him.


When we went to Disney in June Jackson's Mickey even got to meet the real deal. Mickey goes to preschool with Jackson everyday and you don't even want to know the meltdown that happens if we forget him.

We do not forget him.

The biggest one though is bedtime. Bedtime does not go smoothly if we can't find Mickey.

A couple of months ago we lost Mickey. We looked all over the house and Mickey couldn't be found. Jackson was so sad. When we asked him if he wanted a new Mickey he said "No! No new Mickey!" We thought about pulling the classic sitcom prank (pet dies, buy a new one to replace it and no one will know) but Mickey would have required a lot of work to look even remotely close to Jackson's Mickey.

Then one day, I looked under my bed to see none other than Jackson's Mickey. His reaction was so sweet and cute and made me almost cry. I walked into his room carrying Mickey and the moment Jackson realized what was in my hand he gasped very loudly. He grabbed him from my hands and squeezed Mickey with a hug full of so much love I was almost jealous. "Oh Mickey!", he said with a little bit of a happy sob. It really was a sweet moment.

 Tonight, when Jackson realized the injuries that Mickey had he was so sad. He cried a little (and not a throwing a fit kind of cry.) A real, genuinely sad cry. It was awful. I, Dr. Mom, examined him and assured Jackson that Mickey would be just fine.

A little different, but just fine.

My treatment for Mickey required a spin in the washing machine to reduce and clean the slobber and the nose was repaired with a band-aid.

And, thankfully, just in time for bed.


dawn said...

This is soooo sweet!! So glad you found Mickey for him and he can have his buddy again. My kids each had phases of stuffed toys and blankets being carried around. We were always trying to not lose these precious items and keeping them clean was work too. This will make a great layout one day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Scrapthat said...

Awww...that's so touching. I'm glad that Mickey wasn't totally distroyed and that Chewy spared Mickey (and Jackson's feelings) from doing TOO much damage.
I can't wait to see your Mickey LO.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Awww what a great story! Poor Mickey! Sure glad Dr. Mom was there to make him feel better though :)

Melissa said...

So very sweet... thanks for sharing. My daughter has a bunny (named "Bunny") that she's still clinging to at 8 years old. What once was bright pink and fluffy is now a limp pile of grey. He's been stuffed and re-stuffed and gone thorugh several plastic surgeries for new eyes, noses, and many tail re-attachements. We've unlocked preschools after hours to retreive Bunny and I even stopped traffic on a 4 lane highway once when the wind sucked him out of the car window... and OH MY, the screams you'll hear at the airport if he is pryed from her hands to go through the security conveyer. Cherish these memories... they are very precious!

Cheryl said...

"Oh, Mickey, you're so fine..."

The only accident my daughter ever had in bed involved being sick and her beloved bunny, Hopper. I tossed it in a pillow case, zipped the ends, and washed and dried it--good as new. :) And I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I love my girl!

Thank you for sharing your story and reminding of one of my own.