Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkin patch

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day at the pumpkin patch. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the boys got along wonderfully, and the time spent together was priceless.

Last year Drew was on a quest to find the perfect pumpkin. This year he was on the lookout for not the best, but instead the biggest pumpkin in the patch.

The deciding factor was whether or not he could pick it up. If he could, it wasn't the biggest. He lifted and lifted until he found one that was too heavy. That, to him, was the biggest pumpkin in the patch. He even said, "Mom, it's bigger than your butt!" Considering that he was looking for the biggest pumpkin, that wasn't the best compliment.

As always we made our annual attempt to get a great family photo. We failed, again.  I really need to learn how to crop out heads and replace them with better, smiling faces from other photos.

Drew wasn't in a picture taking mood and Jackson, well, you either get looking away from the camera or total "cheese" face with a big, toothy smile and squinted eyes. Either way, it might be a somewhat failed family photo but I'll always cherish one of all of us together.


Scrapthat said...

OMGosh...first it was Drew who we saw grow into a cute young man and now little Jackson is not a little fella anymore but a cute little man!
TFS! It's a fabulous pic!

dawn said...

I agree Jackson is so big and still cute as ever!! Your family pictures are never a failed one, it would be if you didn't have any at all. This is a great photo of a family with two boys and we know how boys are they don't always want their picture. Just think they could have been crying, wiggling, screaming or worse but their not!!
They must be looking at something pretty cool to both be looking that way.
I love love that you shared about Drew's quest for the biggest pumpkin and what he said about you, talk about being REAL thanks for the laugh.

Carolyn Wolff said...

You have a beautiful family.