Tuesday, January 31, 2012

one line a day

I have tried several times to do the whole picture a day thing. I'm was lucky if I made it ten days and to be honest there were a few days of "cheating". (I would forget to take the picture one day and then double up the next day.) Most nights I would be laying in bed half asleep and realize that I didn't take my picture for that day. Me and a picture a day just didn't mix. I officially gave up and decided not to attempt it for 2012.

I did, however, decide to attempt writing one line (or two) about each day for the next five years. 'Cause that sounds easier, right?

My mom got me this book last year for Christmas and I instantly loved the idea. Then January first rolled around and I had forgotten to start. I stumbled across the book mid-December and decided I would start with it this year.

The book is described as: "A condensed, comparative record for five years, for recording events most worthy of remembrance."

There is a page for everyday of the year with five spaces on each page, one for each of the five years. I like this so much better than a picture a day and have been keeping up with it every single evening. It's easy to have the book and a pen sitting on my nightstand waiting for me when I go to bed. It's also quite enjoyable to think back over the day and remember what the best parts were. Most of it ends up being the small things that I never would have remembered a year or two down the road. Things that a picture just isn't enough to tell the story.

My favorite day so far? January 9 - We were driving to school and the boys were singing along to "Rumour Has It" by Adele in the car. (They love that song!) At one point Jackson yelled at Drew, "Stop singing it that way! It's BOOMER has it!" It was hilarious!


Christie said...

I bought that book for myself about two years ago. Still have not wrote one single thing in it yet!

Jennifer Joanne said...

I totally love the idea of this.

dawn said...

I've heard about this book and want one too. That's great you found a way that works for you and will keep all those memories for you.

This year I bought a little journal and I write 3 things I'm thankful for everyday. So far I've only missed a couple days but it already makes me happy just reading it.

I'm laughing right now at your boys!! First they listen to Adele that's great and second I can just picture Jackson saying that, cracking up here about that one. We get free entertainment from our kids everyday don't we!!!!

Keep writing and enjoying the memories!

Allison Davis said...

Christie, you've got to do it! It's so fun to go back and read! I enjoy it so much more than I thought I would. :)

The boys love Adele songs! They known the words better than I do. It's awfully cute to hear them sing it. :)

AndreaFriebus said...

I got the same book for Christmas and started writing in it Jan. 1. It's so easy to keep up with and I know in 5 years when it's all filled up, I will have a treasured keepsake.

Luv2talk said...


I love the idea of the book. I might have to check this one out!

Allison Davis said...

Definitely check it out! It's great! :)

Sue Althouse said...

Just ordered a copy for myself from Amazon! Love this idea, and the way each day for 5 years is all on one page.

Anonymous said...

I want one! Sounds like something I can actually manage. You know when my birthday is. ;)

Allison Davis said...

Sue, I too love the way it is put together. It will be funny to write my line next year and get to read at the same time what we were doing the year before. Such a wonderful book!

Stacey, I'm so on it!

Carolyn Wolff said...

This sounds much more manageable than the photo a day. I am like you and would have to cheat and it would stress me out.

Glad you found a way to record the memories that fits into your schedule.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

OOOPS .. you've just reminded me that I'm about a month overdue in my book just like this. EEEK. Time to play catch up, I think.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
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