Thursday, April 5, 2012

the gone tooth

It all began with a bite of pizza that instantly brought his hands to his mouth. "Ouch!" he said. We knew then and there that this was the beginning of the loose tooth journey. For days he wiggled and wiggled and wiggled until the tooth would lean forward in quite an unusual way.

Then, early one morning (way too early for my taste) he ran into our bedroom, "It's bleeding!" and as quick as he came he was gone again into the bathroom. Five minutes later he ran into our bedroom and screamed, "It's out! My tooth is out!" It was hilarious!

Drew was so proud and couldn't wait to show everyone. He would say "Look at my loose tooth!" and open wide to show the small space where the tooth once sat in his mouth.  We explained to him that technically they couldn't look at his loose tooth anymore because it wasn't there.  That was when he came up with calling it his gone tooth. "Hey, look at my gone tooth!" he says. 

That night he put his tooth under his pillow with much excitement. After a brief argument between Mike and I over the going rate for a tooth these days, the tooth fairy made a visit.


Anonymous said...

I think "gone tooth" is pretty clever myself!

dawn said...

aaaww how cute and funny he is. WOW your just starting this journey and mine is almost over. I love when this happens to them, they get soooo excited and then want more teeth to fall out. From what I can tell with my four kids each kid and each tooth is different and they are all special. Oh and the tooth fairy has to be very clever about getting that tooth out from under the pillow without waking the child. Oh and you will go to bed and forget to leave the money sometimes, don't feel bad it happens. One of my girls liked to sleep with the tooth in her hand so we just left the money anyhow. Have fun on this new journey of yours, so happy you shared it with us. I'm sure we will see it on a layout soon.

Lynette said...

Another amazing faze in his life;-)

Allison Davis said...

Stacey, I giggled every time I typed "gone tooth" in this post. So funny!

Dawn, I go lucky and he had shoved his whole pillow and tooth into the floor! lol! It sounds like we are getting ready to embark on quite a fun little journey! :)

Lynette, I agree! It's so fun to go through these little stages with him! :)

Luv2talk said...

A very cute story for a very cute little boy. I do miss those days.
These milestones make great scrapbook pages. I look forward to seeing this one in the future. LOL.