Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it goes both ways

I think part of that gleam that you see in the eyes of grandparents partially comes from the thought of finally get some sort of revenge on their own children. I'm sure they take some sort of pleasure when those grandchildren give us a hard time. They sit back and laugh, even if it's only silently in their heads, as we struggle that same way they did when they raised us. It's the natural cycle of the parent/grandparent life.

But, it goes both ways.

I have learned this Easter that there will come opportunities to get back at our parents via those precious grandchildren that can do no wrong.

Exhibit A - A harmless caterpillar, a plastic egg, and a cute grandson.

Exhibit B - Grandma falling for the cute grandson and opening the plastic egg to find the caterpillar.

There was no hope for her. There's no way she could refuse or deny either of her sweet grandsons!



Anonymous said...

Why, oh why couldn't we find a grasshopper?

dawn said...

haha love this Allison and your sister is so bad!!

Love their shirts and smiles!

My hubby and I tease the kids of what were going to do when they have kids. Let the games and revenge begin!!