Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Download Day and a Sneak Peek of Katrina's Layout!

If it's the third Tuesday of the month, that means it's download day! Be sure to go grab the free sketch that I'm using for Sketch Week this month. You can find all the new sketches in the Scrapbook Generation Online Store. Here's a look at the new sketches I have for this month.

Boys/Father's Day Bundle - $10.00
Includes: 6 two-page boy themed sketches, 6 one-page boy themed sketches, 4 boy themed cards, 5 boy embellishment ideas/sketches, boy/father titles, boy/father quotes

You can purchase the Boys/Father's Day Bundle by clicking here. (While these sketches are geared towards a boy theme they can be very easily adapted to fit any theme.)

Individual Sketch #1 - 49¢
A one-page sketch perfect for use with 6 x 6 paper pads. The sketch has three 2-1/2 x 3-1/2" photos with one 6 x 6" square with 6" strips for the background and is accented with hearts.

You can purchase by clicking here.

Individual Sketch #2 - 49¢
A two-page sketch. There are two 3 x 5" photos, two 6 x 4" photos, and one 4 x 2" photo with squares, large title block and large journaling block accented with stars.

You can purchase by clicking here.

Sketch Trio - $1.29
Three two-page sketches from a popular Allison Davis class held at a Scrapbook Generation event. The first sketch two 3 x 3" photos, one 3 x 2" photos, six 2 x 2" photos, one 6 x 4" photo, one 4 x 4" photo, and one 4 x 6" photo with lots of vertical strips behind a title block and journaling block. The second sketch has five 3 x 4" photos and two 6 x 4" photos with several vertical strips, a large title block and accented with arrows. The third sketch has five 3 x 3" photos, one 4 x 6" photo, one 3 x 4" photo, and one 6 x 4" photo with lots of banner pieces.

You can purchase by clicking here.

Four Pack - $1.79
Four new two-page sketches that all feature 6 photos. The first sketch features six 3-1/2 x 5" photos with several horizontal strips, large journaling space and heart accents. The second sketch has three 2-1/2 x 2-1/2" photos, one 7 x 5" photo, one 4 x 4" photo, and one 3/4" photo and has a large background, vertical strips and is accented with stars and stitching. The third sketch has six 4 x 4" photos with several vertical strips, a banner, and accented with stars. The fourth sketch has four 4 x 3" photos and two 4 x 6" photos with a large background, banner pieces, and is accented with hearts and a camera.

You can purchase by clicking here.

Be sure to grab the new free sketch! The same one-page sketch that I'm using as my starting point during Sketch Week. 

Free one-page sketch - you can download by clicking here.

You can also check out previous sketches by visiting my downloadables page.

Katrina sent me a few sneak peek pictures of her layout that I can't wait to share with you! Katrina never fails to surprise me with what she does with the sketch. She always has a creative way to make the sketch her own and she is the queen of layers! Here's a little peek at what she'll be posting on her blog tomorrow!

Lynette will be posting her layout tomorrow too! (How awesome is that? Three Sketch Week layouts in one day!) I'm so anxious to see what Lynette has created. For those of you that love two-page layouts, Lynette creates beautiful two-page layouts. And, she doesn't stop there, she also does wonderful one-page layouts!

Tomorrow is going to be a great Sketch Week Day! 


GLOANN said...

The peek is indeed enticing. Can't wait to see the rest of Lynette's LO. And maybe a 2-pager? Hoping it is!

Kelley said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the layout.

dawn said...

I just peeked at Lynette's blog and LOVE LOVE what she has made. Finding her on your SS blog was a blessing Allison, have been following her since. She has a talent for mixing colors/patterns on her layouts.
Will head over to Katrina's and see the rest of what looks to me a fun layout.
It's a fun week already with your sketch!!

michelle norstrom said...

what do they say about curiosity? I can't wait to see the layouts tomorrow!

Allison Davis said...

This is so exciting to having others participate in Sketch Week! Hopefully it gets to a point of resembling Sketch Support!