Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sketch Week, Day 2

I'm triple excited for today's post! There are not one, not even two, but three layouts today! This is a great day in Sketch Week History!

To see how Katrina and Lynette used the June free sketch to create their layouts click on the links below:

Katrina Hunt

Lynette Jacobs

Yesterday was Download Day so there are new sketches in the Scrapbook Generation online store. Be sure to go grab the June free sketch. The free sketch is the same sketch that I am using as a starting point for all my layouts this week. Check out this post from yesterday to see the other sketches that were added to the online store.

Scrapbook Generation's June Free Sketch
* you can download by clicking here
"Go Springfield Cards"

Supplies - Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned paper: Fancy Pants Designs, Echo Park, and Simple Stories; Alphabets: American Crafts (Go, cardinals) and October Afternoon (Springfield); Die cuts: Fancy Pants Designs; Embroidery floss: DMC
I think I am becoming slightly predictable with these one-page sketches. I seem to be following the pattern of day 1 - one-page layout, day 2 - two-page layout! While I do like creating one-page layouts I have to admit (it's no secret really) that I love two-page layouts!
I also love creating two-page layouts from a one-page sketch. There are many, many different ways to do it and you can make a one-page sketch work for any two-page layout.
Variation #1 - To create a two-page layout I followed the sketch pretty closely for my right page. The biggest adjustment I made was extending the largest background (the one furthest back) to go all the way to the left edge of the page. I did this to help connect both pages as a two-page layout.
On the left page I created a photo block that has the same height of the background paper on the left page. This is one of the easiest ways to use a one-page sketch for a two-page layout! Just simply make a block/collage of photos for the second page and leave all the details and design for the other page. You could even cover the second, added page with just photos and add a few small embellishments to tie it to the first page.

Variation #2 - I used larger photos in place of the three photos on the sketch.  Since they are larger than the sketch suggests and I wanted to turn the sketch into a two-page layout, I moved the photos to the left.

I had a mix of normal pictures and Instagram pictures that I wanted to use together on the layout. The Instagram pictures were perfect for the sketch and the added frame filled in for the photo mats on the sketch. I also mixed in two more Instagram pictures on the left page. I use my camera phone and Instagram a lot for the more everyday type of photos. Especially for pictures of me and the boys! With my big camera I am rarely in the photos but with my phone camera I can easily snap a shot of me with the boys. 

Variation #3 - I moved the title and embellishments around a little to accommodate what I wanted to use. 

For the most part it follows the sketch but because of the smaller space left with using large photos I didn't have as much room to work with. I went without the embellishments below the title.

Be sure to check back on Friday to see the last layout of Sketch Week!


Lynette said...

I love the way you adjusted this for a two pager...I am so going to lift this.

Scrapthat said...

Love the stretch on the sketch Ali! Love your papers.
Great pics too and I am so glad to see Jackson rockin' his specs...super cute! :D

Katrina Hunt said...

Very very cute!!! And you just rock the two pages!!! Hugs, Katrina

hrk_md said...

Love the way you made this into a two page sketch. It is always so fun to see the way sketches are interpreted. You do a great job.

tape said...

Love the title & embellishments!

wteagon said...

I love how you turned this sketch into a two page layout. It looks awesome!

LouAnn said...

I was hoping there would be a variation with a 2 pager. Love the way you are able to include so many pictures.

Diane said...

Just grabbed my free sketch. Many thanks. I'm even more excited to try this with the 2 page layout. Home Run!

Julie in Sweden said...

Love the layout. Looks like you had a great family day out.

Casandra Bennett said...

This is adorable. Love the alpha. title. Very splashy and eye-catching.

GLOANN said...

Love your suggestions for making the one-pager into a 2-pager. I'm mostly a 2-page scrapper, too, although I do some one pagers for special pictures that I don't want to be part of a large grouping.

dawn said...

What a great layout, you are so good at changing a one page into a two pager. Great pictures for this too. We just went to a game last weekend so this is perfect timing for me.

You are on IG, what name do you use, would love to follow you and your cute pictures. I agree about how easy it is to snap pictures of us with the kids.
I saw the other two layouts early today and LOVED THEM!! So glad we got to see 3 layouts today, thanks for making it extra fun!
See you on Friday!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Impressive! Love how you adapted the one page sketch into a two page favorite! A great mix of colors & paper, also love the baseball elements! Thanks for sharing!

michelle norstrom said...

very creative the way you turned the one page into the rockin' 2 page layout!

Steffanie said...

Love how just adding the simple photo collage on the left stretched this into a beautiful 2-pager. Brilliant, as always!

Allison Davis said...

Thank you everyone!

Dawn, my Instagram is private and I don't have any followers. Not because I don't want to share with anyone (I promise!) but just because I don't ever use Instagram as a social thing. I just use it to get the picture effects! lol! If I ever do make it public I'll let you know! :)

Jennifer Cowan said...

I found time play with the sketch this week! Thanks Allison I love the finished product!

Linda said...

Now I am curious.I have Instagram to view pics of grandkids (teens) but have no clue what I can do for photos. Going to check that out tomorrow!

Allison Davis said...

Linda, I like one of the frames/effects a lot and use it on all my phone camera photos. I'm kind of using it as a photo a day kind of thing to document my everyday stuff. :)

momtotucknlexi said...

This is a great stretch of the sketch and a very nice layout- love the colors and how you made your title. I too am a 2 pg gal so this is perfect!
Michelle B