Monday, July 28, 2008

18 days = 18 pages

Still going strong and still lovin' every minute of it!






This page was one that made me so thankful for being able to crop photos! Stacey had taken these of me and Drew two weeks after Jackson was born. To but it nicely, I looked big enough to eat Drew. But with the help of some much loved cropping tools I was able to cut out the unpleasant parts.

I had to include these cute pictures of Jackson. While Mike and Drew where playing out on the swing set yesterday, Jackson and I had a little photo shoot. I love that you can see his pretty (I should say handsome) blue eyes!

This week is going to be tough one to get a page a day done. I've got a ton of other things that need to be taken care of first. I think I've got it all scheduled out but who knows if it will actually work out that way. If I can make through this week...there's no stopping me!


nichole said...

your kids are SO cute and the great layouts don't hurt the photos at all!

i was wondering how you get such great pictures/scans of your layouts?!?

Linda A said...

Love the pages. The boys are so cute.

Latrice said...

Keep it up ALi!! These pages are fabulous!! Jackson is too cute!! Love those big blues!

Holly said...

Awesome! I LOVE the father/son one!

Wendy Bretz said...

you are on a roll!
love the layouts ali
the photos are so CUTE!

Kim said...

Such great layouts!! You are totally inspiring me to get scrapping again! (my mojo has been MIA! :( ) Please please please can you tell me how you did the rain on this layout: ? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! TIA!! Have a great day!

Allison Davis said...

Nichole, I always take pictures of my layout outside. My front porch is great for since I can get plenty of light without any glares on the pictures. :)

Kim, the rain on that page was actually pretty easy. I just drew lines with a pencil and ruler, pierced the holes with a paper piercer (a needle with work too) and then stitched w/ embroidery floss. The rain drops/circles are Doodlebug paper frills that I cut up. HTH! :)

Allison Davis said...

pardon the typos! I've had very little sleep!! :)

Kim said...

Thank you!! :) And so sorry for your lack of sleep!!

noel joy said...

holy freakin' heck girl! way to go on all of those pages. call me on one of your sleepless nights.

i can't believe how big he's getting already! :)