Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I made it...






The rest of the pages I can't show on here. :( I'm actually even ahead. A few days I got two layouts done. It's almost like I get faster and faster at putting them together. To think, I used to be the girl that would take days to get one layout done.

Things I've learned while doing a page a day:

1. I hardly ever use colored cardstock. It's almost always a neutral and usually white or french vanilla. (21 out of 23 layouts use neutral cardstock as a base) My next challenge is to use a color!

2. Stitching is definitely my go to technique. I will look at a page and think it doesn't look finished until I do some sort of stitching. ( 20 out of 23 layouts have stitching)

3. I almost always use 4 x 6 photos. (21 out of 23 layouts have 4 x 6 photos, 10 of those layouts have 4 x 6 only)

4. Thickers and Doodlebug alphabets are my favorite. (I have used them on 15 out of 23 layouts)

5. I'm without a doubt a 2-page girl. (20 out of 23 are 2-page layouts)


joscelyne cutchens said...

YAY for you! You are a scrapbooking Queen! :)

anna said...

wow girl! i kept thinking..."how in the world?, 2 babies and a million completed pages." good ones to! way to go!

Kim said...

Congratulations on meeting your goal! I AM the girl who takes days to get one layout done - so you are a total inspiration! I am also a two-page girl ... so thanks for all the totally liftable (except maybe that amazing stitching!) layouts!

I don't know how you managed with two little ones AND it being Big Brother season!! (Total BB addict here - are you still watching?!)

Allison Davis said...

Yes I'm still a huge BB fan! I've loved that show from the very first year!

Having the two little one means I'm usually up until the wee hours of the night! Thank goodness I got lucky in the husband department...he gets up in the morning with the kiddos and lets me sleep until he has to go to work at 9:00.

the scrappy chic said...

Allison, I am amazed that you were able to do all that, and to get such good quality! They look awesome! You make me want to jump aboard the scrappin' wagon:)

Anonymous said...

I check daily for your pages. I love them. I just have to know how you do that stitching. Love it!! Do you make templates first? How do you get the stitches evenly spaced.

Linda A said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to select anonymous -----it makes me crazy not to know who was writing. I will try again.

Latrice said...

Way to go. I think I'm up to about 11 so far. Once your on a roll it just keep going right!! Love it. Thanks for sharing all your goodies girly. Keep in touch when your less busy ok?!?

Allison Davis said...

When I first started stitching I would sketch out designs before and then use it as a template but now I just sketch it right on the page. If you are going to sketch directly on the page I would recommend getting a really good eraser. I use Hi-Polymer erasers from Pentel. You can buy them anywhere that school and office supplies are sold. They work great!

Timeless Touches makes some really great stitching templates. They even have a ruler that has stitching holes that can be used for evenly spaced holes on anything. I've been stitching long enough that I'm comfortable to just eyeball it. :)

Way to go Latrice! Isn't it crazy how once you get started it actually gets easier! :)

Kim said...

I hope you don't mind, but I HAD to lift your "first and last" layout ...


Allison Davis said...

I don't know why but suddenly I only have half the comments that I did. Strange!

When I first started I would sketch out my own templates on a scrap piece of paper and then I used removable adhesive to adhere it to the page so I could pierce the holes. Now I just sketch it directly onto the page. If you are going to sketch directly onto the page I would recommend a really good eraser. I use Hi-Polymer erasers from Pentel. They are awesome and you should be able to find them anywhere school or office supplies are sold.

When I first started stitching I used a ruler from Timeless Touches that had holes for stitching on it. Now I just eyeball it because sometimes you should use a smaller space and sometimes a larger space. Like on things with a curve I would recommend doing the spaces a lot closer. It keeps it looking like a smooth line instead of jagged.

I hope that helps! :)