Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What were they thinking?

This post is going to be filed in the "it's a good thing my husband doesn't read this" pile. I just can't resist.

On Friday we went to my Grandpa Arnall's for the 4th. My cousin lives next door and his son is a skateboarder. After watching him, Mike and Jeremy (Stacey's husband) decided that they could conquer "dropping in". The pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.




Latrice said...

OUCH!! LOL!! It looks like they didn't quite master it. Great action shots!!

Holly said...

hysterical! glad they didn't get hurt!

Allie said...

Too funny! Those are some great shots. Video coming soon to Country Fried Home Videos?

Latrice said...

Hey Ali! Check this out. I think you have some admires. Love your work too you know that though!! LOL