Monday, March 15, 2010

1 sketch, 5 layouts - Wrap Up and Winner

This month sketches week seemed to go way too fast! Here's a look at all the layouts together. I think it's always fun to see how different, yet similar they all are.

Layout #1 - "Give Me a Popsicle Please"

Layout #2 - "Snissors"

Layout #3 - "Making Music"

Layout #4 - "Puzzle Pro"

Layout #5 - "Cookies for Santa"

This month the winner is...
Melanie said...
Wow! I love this! I'm impressed with the tracing and cutting of the puzzle pieces....I'll be lifting this!

Congrats Melanie! You can email me at to give me your address and which volume of Sketches for Scrapbooking you would like. :)

Thank you all so much for joining me for sketches week (and for letting me ramble on and on about my thought process and scrapbooking style.) If you have a favorite sketch from any of the Sketches for Scrapbooking books or one that you might struggle with and would like to see me use it during sketches week next month, let me know. The next sketches week will start on April 5!

Have a happy Monday! :)


dawn said...

Thanks for another great sketch week. I really loved them all and how you changed each one. I read your comment about walmart and will call them. I get my pictures at Walgreen's and when I checked about wallet size they said they are a sheet with 4 of the same photo on them for $1. The price is fine but I don't want four of the same picture. Is this what you do or are they all different. Congrads to the winner!!! I just read the SG blog and it looked like a rockin good time at your crop, wish I could be there. Have a good week and can't wait for April 5th.

CodyandTraci said...

Thanks again for all the work you put into your blog. looking forward to April 5.
Congrats Melanie!

Amy from KC said...

You're right, looking at the LO's together really illustrates your tips on changing up a sketch. I love every single one! Thanks Ali for the great week, and all of your hard work. Congratulations to Melanie on winning the sketch book, you'll love whichever volume you choose. :)

Luv2talk said...

Looking forward to next month's sketch. This is a great feature on your BLOG! :)

Melanie said...

Thanks for picking my comment! I'm so excited to win a sketch book....Thank you!

I love sketch week on your blog!

csewy said...

I loved your layouts from the 1 Sketch, 5 layouts!!! Super neat design, colors and photos!!! I am adding your site to my favorties!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anne said...

There is a free program you can download on the internet that will allow you to put 4 different wallet size photos on a 4 X 6 print. You drag the pictures into their box and they will place them on the 4 X 6. You can play around with them to make sure they look right and are rotated correctly. They have tons of combinations and different sheet sizes. I use it all the time and Walgreens prints it out like a 4 X 6. I didn't like getting 4 of the same picture! It is called PhotoSheet. Google it. They also have a simple program called Cropper (on the same site) where you can crop a photo for the size print you want and there is no distortion of the photo. Both of these programs are very easy to use! Hope this helps.