Monday, April 26, 2010

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship and NSD

Have I ever introduced you to our dog Chewy?

The dog that just a year ago I was so ready to get rid of.
The dog that was living up to his name and chewing everything he could get his teeth on (including our house!)
The dog that was giving me a constant headache.
The dog that reminded us so much of Marley in Marley & Me that we were scared of what we had gotten into.
The dog that made us say, "NO MORE DOGS!"

It's funny what a difference a year makes.

It's amazing to me how a dog that was driving us insane has now grown into such a wonderful addition to our family. I seriously thought there was no hope for that dog but then I started to grow a soft spot in my heart for him the first time I saw him "protect" Jackson. He watches and follows Jackson in the backyard and anytime Jackson gets close to things that he shouldn't Chewy will actually herd him away from it. He will even stand in front of things that he doesn't want Jackson climbing on. Jackson of course loves him and Chewy is so gentle and patient with him. It is such a cute thing to watch.

If you are going to be in the Springfield area on Saturday, May 1 be sure to stop by Scrapbook Generation for our National Scrapbooking Day festivities. Here are a few things we'll have going on:

• Stacey and I are doing free mini-classes all day. This is the card that I'm doing as my mini-class.

You'll learn how to make your own simple embellishments with papers (the tree, the grass and the cloud) and how to use Perfect Pearls. No need to call and sign up, we'll be doing them all day. It's a first come, first served basis.

A chocolate buffet! I'm too hungry right now to go into too many details about all the wonderful treats we'll have but trust me it will be good!

Appreciation Gifts: Make a purchase of at least $25 and receive a special-edition SG page kit, a $12.99 value.

Super-Saver Scrapbooking Sessions: Make three-double-page layouts for $5, and get a free set of chipboard letters. (Sorry -this activity has been sold out for a month -- 102 people!)

Prizes: Door prizes will be awarded during the Super-Saver sessions and at the end of the day.

Special Sale: Watch for the ever-popular 30 and 40-cent paper bins. Other items will be marked down up to 80 percent.

New Paper Collections: the 50 new paper collections that debuted at Scrapmania will be everywhere!

Hope to see you there! :)


Anonymous said...

That picture is so sweet. That is so cool that he protects him like that. The card is beautiful, wish I could stop in but I live way to far away.

Amy S from Texas

Amy from KC said...

When I was Jackson's age we had a pointer named Dutch that was the same with me. I would even ride him like a pony! It is so wonderful for a child to have a 4-legged friend like that! I'm looking forward to seeing the scrapbook page about a boy and his dog... :)

May 1st sounds wonderful, I had already thought of coming down for a day trip, but my father-in-law is coming to town for the weekend om a trip re-scheduled from earlier, so I won't be able to make it now. Everyone who can make it: have some extra fun for me!

Lori G. said...

Wish I could be in Springfield on Saturday. A bit too far to drive from Minnesota. Maybe I'll send my mom over to make the card. She needs to expand her card making horizons.

Starting my National Scrapbook Day on Friday night at the local scrapbook store with a 5:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. crop. :-)

Allison said...

Yay for dogs! :) I'll be in MO Saturday.. might just have to come by.

Robin W. said...

I wish I lived close enough to come by; it sounds like you have a wonderful day planned for everyone! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

what a cute picture :) and fabulous card!

Valerie said...

For your relief, I can introduce you our Toffee Dog (Jack Russell).
He just turned 4 last week and there is NO behavior improvement at all… I really think he is hopeless!
I just LOVE the tree on your card… a little too far – from Peru - to catch the mini-class but would love to! Have fun.


Steff said...

I SO wish I lived where you are! You seem to always have such great scrappy things going on!

Amy from KC said...

Help! Is anyone else just seeing photobucket logos instead of the pictures?! Yikes, I might start having withdrawal soon! I need to scraplift a layout! S.O.S., S.O.S.!


Anonymous said...

I had the problem with the photobucket logos this morning and I freaked out. I am so glad the site is back to normal.

Linda from KS

Amy from KC said...

Yup, it's back to normal for me too. Yay!

Allison Davis said...

Amy, I took a bunch of pictures of Chewy and Jackson earlier this better believe I'll be doing a page about that soon! :)

Lori, have fun at your crop! I wish I got to go to one!

Allison, hope to see you there!

Valerie, I feel your pain. I've had a Jack Russell and they are wild! There was no taming the one I had. She was so well behaved when you were around but the second you turned your back she was eating the couch or something else! She even took down a Christmas tree one year!

Donna said...

This is a great card!!