Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Around the World

It's time for Around the World with Sketches for Scrapbooking!

Picking Punkins by Christina Hoffman, Missouri

Open Water by Sarah Utting, UK

What Would Summer "B" without... by Sue Althouse, Michigan

Eggs by Julie, Missouri

Busted by Steffanie, Oregon

Dad's Special Day by Aracely, TX

They all did such a great job! I love getting a chance to see what others do with our sketches and hope you do to. If you have a layout from one of our sketches and would like to see it posted in my Around the World post you can email me at alidavis1919@hotmail.com. You'll need to send me a picture of the layout, your name, a link to your blog or online gallery, and where you are from.

I'm looking forward to seeing them!


Amy from KC said...

Great layouts! I'm kind-of shy about posting mine, but maybe one day I'll work up the nerve. I'm taking Ali's class over at MCC, and I haven't posted a single layout on the forum. :)

dawn said...

Oh my gosh, these layouts are amazing. I think they might be the best yet. I especailly liked the first two. Everyone did such a good job, I even recongnize most of the sketches just by looking at them. Great job to all of you ladies, keep up the good work and thank you thank you for sharing it with us. I'm hoping to send you some of mine to Allison but am also a little shy.

So wish I was in your class today hoping for another one in the future.

Scrapthat said...

WOW! Great work ladies!! These are fabulous!

Jeff said...

I really love the font on the pumpkin pages and I love how the swimming picture blends in with the blue circle. I find that water pictures can sometimes be hard to do. Great job everyone. Steph

Amy from KC said...

So...just saw Ali's sketch featured in the Basic Grey newsletter. They only used the left side, but it looked great. Congrats Ali!

Allison Davis said...

Thanks Amy! I think I'll mostly be doing one page sketches for the newsletter. This one had to be done super quick so I had to pull one from a two page sketch. :)

Luv2talk said...

Great job. I especiallly like the top 2. AWESOME.

Thanks for sharing these. It's great to see other's take on your sketches. :)

alexa said...

Lots of glorious pages here, and so refreshing to see double page layouts!
Great sketch to work from.

dawn said...

congrats on your new partnership with Basic Grey !! It will be so much fun to see you two work together and what you will come up with them. You should be very proud. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing...don't know how you do it all!!!


Linda from KS

csewy said...

Awesome layouts for this month's "Around the World"!! A great sketch and layouts that followed, love this month's sketch!!