Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Attention getter

After two sold out sessions last fall I'll be teaching Sketch Support, the online class, again this Spring. And right now if you hop over to Sketch Support, the site, we have a giveaway for two seats to the class. You'll find more information about the class and the giveaway details there.

So it's two-page week at Sketch Support. I don't like to play favorites but I will always love two-page week just a little more than the others. I'm a two-page girl at heart! This month the sketch has a fun little grid of stars on the left page similar to the one on my page below.

I'm so all over the place when it comes to scrapbooking. I jump from pictures I took two days ago to pictures from when Drew was a baby. Last week I got out one of my many photo storage containers from back in the old age when I used film. These things are huge and fit like thousands of photos and I always find a surprise photo or two as I go through them.

This time I found these pictures of Drew digging in the backyard. I had completely forgotten about them and can't believe that I did. The one of him yelling is one of my all time favorites of him. It's just so him. He randomly makes noises, a lot of time screams, when he wants attention. He's an attention lovin' little guy and I would be lying if I didn't admit that sometimes it can be a little, um, I hate to say it...


He craves attention all. the. time. And, believe me, he gets attention, but you would think from the way he acts that we sit on the couch and ignore him all day. A lot of it stems from Jackson joining the Davis crew. That's when it really flared up. He can't stand for Jackson to get any attention. Drew can be in the other room and if I say something to Jackson, Drew will yell some random statement like, "Mom, um I like my um, um, my Spider-man pjs."

I've also tried to explain to him that making random "ahhhhs" and "peeeeeeeeps" and "raaaaaawwwrs" don't always work in his favor. Especially when Mom is on the phone. Or how saying, "I guess I'll go jump on the bed..." while I'm trying to make dinner doesn't exactly do the trick. He's just addicted to being the center of attention and will go to extreme measures to get it. Kind of makes me nervous for the teen years.

But, I would also be lying if I didn't admit that I kind get a kick out of it too. It's part of his personality and you never know what he'll do. Like the times he'll burst out in dance moves that you can't help but to laugh at. Or when he sings a song he made up on the spot. Sometimes it turns into super sweet moments. Like those times that he gives me random hugs and tells me "Mom, you are the sweetest girl in the world." I ignore the fact that he most likely wants something and soak up the moment.


Scrapthat said...

How sweet! Yeah just soak up the moments!

mustangkayla said...

FA.ABULOUS layout! Love what you did with the sewn grid and stars....very cool! Those pictures crack me up! I often feel my oldest acts like he's deprived of attention, but like your son, he's totally not!

dawn said...

oh my gosh Allison you have me laughing and crying at the same time. you are just to funny and so is he. you've never told us this much about his attention needs. This is just too cute, you should use what you just wrote and pair it up with pictures to make a cute layout. I love these pictures of him too. Funny thing is I just took out some old photos too and thinking of scrapping a then and now page for each of my kids. They grow up fast.

Linda said...

Love the layout.

Lisa G. said...

Great layout! Love the story too...I have an attention getter in the family too....and yes it can be aggravating!

Anonymous said...

I totally know where he's coming from. I remember all of a sudden having to share the spotlight when I was little, with a kid that bears a striking resemblance to sweet little Jackson. :)

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