Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I remember

Jackson was just one month old in these pictures. Gosh. One month old. He's going to be three in a month!

I remember this exact moment that picture was taken.
I remember the exact thoughts that were going through my head.
I remember how much I loved cuddling him when he was sleeping.
I remember how it felt so weird to be able to hold a whole person in a little teeny, tiny ball in my arms.
I remember how in that moment I was feeling pure happiness.
I remember thinking that life doesn't get any better.
I remember feeling complete.
I remember wondering how it was possible to love someone so much.
I remember thinking that I could hold him, right there, in that moment forever.

I love that one look at a single picture can bring back those feelings in an instant. Like I'm right back there, in that exact moment, feeling those exact feelings all over again. If anyone ever scoffs at the amount of pictures I take or the overflowing amount of scrapbook pages I make, well, they just don't know what they are missing. It's like a time machine, minus the Back to the Future DeLorean. With one look I get to experience all of these wonderful moments all over again.


beckyjune said...

This is so beautiful- I really like how you used the letters on the hearts.

dawn said...

I love feeling this way with all my babies too, you get that new baby love feeling all over again and yes I could sit and hold them all day and be happy!! Too bad they have to grow up, I miss those baby days.

Scrapthat said...

It's a beautiful LO Ali!
Early Happy Birthday to you and Jackson!
Love the close up and the one pager from this sketch! TFS!

Amy from KC said...

My mama heart can relate to those sentiments. Looking at your layout reminded me of those same feelings with my son. I even had a flashback to what a new little baby smells like when you hold him close! Heady stuff.

I noticed a few layouts pictured from the winners at last weekend's retreat that used this sketch. It must be fun to see people so inspired by your work. :)

Allison Davis said...

Amy, my Mom said the coolest thing about the retreat was walking around and seeing everyone using one of our sketches. I think it's awesome and love that they are helping others to get some pages done! :)

Thank you everyone! :)

Lisa G. said...

You know what I love the most (besides your words) the fact that you used non-traditional boy colors. It so works!! Thanks for the idea!

Allison Davis said...

I try to sneak in colors like that where I can! :)

Luv2talk said...