Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rock star

How fitting that the day I posted this layout over at Sketch Support for two-page week was also the day that I found out Drew would be playing the part of a rock star at the Kindergarten Spring concert. 
I was so proud of him and the courage it took to audition but I was worried about how he would feel if he didn't get a special part in the concert. He was so excited to bring home the letter stating that he would be a guitarist in the rock band.

He's been practicing non-stop and I have to say, he's got the rock star moves down. Leg kicks, thrashing around with his guitar, and the squinty, hard core rocker face, all done with perfection.  He even practiced his "cool" walk in the mall after we got him some aviator sunglasses to go with his rock star gear. 

He's so ready to "rock out", as he calls it.

This is going to be hilarious!


Linda said...

I can't wait to see the photos from the concert. He will be so cute.

I loved the layout when I saw it on Sketch Support but when I saw the layout in the store I loved it more.

The detail on your layouts are awesome. I think depth doesn't show in photos. They are great!

dawn said...

Congratulations Drew and I know you will do great. How perfect for your little rock star, please show us pictures of him. Too bad we can't get a video so we can hear him. What songs are they singing? One day he will have girls following him and his own group of roadies, lol

Scrapthat said...

He's got to be the cutest rock star EVA! TFS

Allison Davis said...

Linda, I so know what you mean. It's always so different to see them in person. I've seen other pages online and then have seen them in person and yeah, pictures hardly ever do them justice!

Dawn, I am going to video it so there's a chance I'll post it. It should be entertaining! I'm not sure exactly what songs they are singing. I've heard Drew practicing a few and they are pretty cute!

Dolly, thank you! I have to agree! :)

Amy from KC said...

I can't believe I'm the first to point this out...but how cool is THAT kindergarten?!! A rockstar theme is not your ordinary kindergarten. (Not that there is anything wrong with dancing, singing vegetables, chipmunks, etc. Really anything at that age is adorable.)

Drew will be great in the band, he has so much charisma. Please do post his performance on here for us to see. Have you taught him the rock on hand sign? Epic Drew.

Anonymous said...

I gave him a few 'rock star' tips from the 80s...laying on your back with your legs flailing around up in the air while rockin' the guitar. He took to it pretty naturally, so I'm hoping it still shows up in his performance!

Linda said...

Aunt Stacey is so funny!

Beth said...

Loving your blog and all the great sketches and ideas! You are featured in this week's Weekly Blend over at http://scrappyjavagirl.blogspot.com/


Lisa G. said...

Great layout. The pictures just scream fun!

Viji Siddharth said...


I am loving my sketch books. I have six of them and they are fun!! I would love for you to visit my blog and see them:) I love your blog!!