Thursday, November 17, 2011

happy fall

Supplies - Patterned paper: Little Yellow Bicycle; Memory Thread and embroidery floss: DMC; Fonts (used as templates for stitching): Century Gothic and CK Carolyn; Small leaf punch: Martha Stewart

I absolutely adore Fall. Every year I look forward to it for so many reasons - the beautiful trees, pumpkin flavored everything, the cooler weather, the pumpkin patch, Halloween, soup...I can go on and on.

This year, however, I feel like I have pretty much slept through Fall. I spent two weeks at the beginning of my quitting smoking journey locked in my bedroom watching way too many episodes of Desperate Housewives and Glee on Netflix. For some reason as long as I was watching those I could manage. Both of those weeks were failed attempts. Third time's the charm! 18 days smoke free! 

Last week I really, really wanted to make something. I had really slowed down on my scrapbooking and was craving some much needed crafty time. With add-on week approaching at Sketch Support I figured that would be a good excuse to stretch my creative brain. Plus I might as well work in a Fall project since I had semi-hibernated through most of it.

Since we don't have any Fall decorations in our home I really wanted to make some sort of wall hanging/decoration to display. I'm really bummed that it will come down in about a week!

To make the "happy fall" canvas I used the add-on sketch of a leaf made from several strips of patterned paper for my starting point. I used the add-on leaves, a few solid leaves, and some smaller punched leaves together and then accented with small sprigs of Memory Thread and the quote cut from the Little Yellow Bicycle patterned paper.

I really, really like hand stitching on canvases so I added the "happy fall" title by printing the words from my computer and then using them as a template for piercing the holes. Canvas is fun to stitch on and just as easy as stitching on paper.

This canvas definitely fulfilled my need to play and actually has me ready to jump back in! It feels good to be back after a month of not really feeling like myself.

Thank you so much to everyone for the wonderful, supporting, and encouraging comments from my last post! Support is such a key part in overcoming tough hurdles and I feel like I have an overflowing cup of support between my family, friends, and now blog readers. It gave me a whole new strength and I greatly appreciate that. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


dawn said...

HOORAY for 18 days!!!! This canvas is gorgeous and fun. I love love fall too and leaves are my favorite. So glad you have this wonderful hobby to keep you busy. Keep up the good work and know we are here to support you. Heck I'm sure if we could all be right there we would. Sending you a hug and strength, positive energy to keep you going.

love and smiles

mustangkayla said...

LOVE the fall piece you created! Those leaves and stitching are fantastic! Keep it up too....18 days is fantastic!

janet said...

what an AWESOME piece. wow, you are definitely creative, 17 days on the path of better health. YOU CAN DO THIS ALLISON. Hugs and smiles

Cindy said...

Beautiful Canvas. It's been all the chatter on the Scrapbook MB I frequent. Actually your sketches are VERY popular over there and most of our group (we're kinda small) get the big SG kit. We'd love for you to stop over and join us even if it's just to say hi once in a while. Our addy is: The girls would freak if you stopped in. Keep up the inspirational work.

Julie B said...

18 days and counting!! Woo hoo!! It is hard, but you are almost there! By Christmas (and you know how Christmas always sneaks up on you) you'll forget you ever wanted to smoke! : - )

Allison Davis said...

Thank you guys so much!! :)

Cindy, I'm definitely going to pop in soon! :)

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