Friday, November 18, 2011

we love cupcakes

Is there a better way to spend the day than baking cupcakes? I think not. That's why I was super excited when the annual reading carnival at Drew's school rolled around. I always jump at the chance to fill the cake walk with cupcakes. Plus, I wanted to make cupcakes for Mom's birthday.

Our kitchen may look like a bakery exploded in it (I'll spare you the pictures of that!) but our house smells divine.

The boys have so much enjoyed being my taste testers since I tried out a few new recipes. Enjoyed it so much that I actually have the cupcakes locked away. I have baked all day and I'm not taking any chances! I can just see the disaster if Jackson got a hold of them without me looking. It would be a cupcake graveyard littered with icing-less cupcakes. Further evidence would be the chocolate icing ring around his mouth.

Oh, and a valuable lesson learned today - don't trust your husband to carry a box of cupcakes. I wanted to cry when he walked back into the house and said, "Okay, please don't be mad at me..." I went against my better judgment and allowed him to carry one of the boxes. Bad idea. Dropped the box of the most time consuming cupcakes I made today.

I wanted to cry. He wanted me to hurry and open the box to see how bad they were damaged and then giggled when he saw the strange cupcake sculpture in the corner of the box.

He almost got a cupcake to the face.


dawn said...

Hooray for more cupcake posts, have missed seeing them. so glad you are still baking and having fun with them. Would love to see a picture or know what kind of new ones you tried.

love that picture of Drew, how sweet.

laughing about the fallen cupcakes, how awful for you but still funny.

Scrapthat said...

Love the pic Allison!
and PS...what the heck were you thinking of letting a man carry cupcakes??!!!

janet said...

You go Allison. That was funny. And something that would SO happen in our home too. You handled it WAY better than me. I would have cried, threw a few dishtowels and let a few choice words slip...ha!

Allison Davis said...

Dawn, I've got a few posts planned that have some new cupcake recipes! :)

The funny part is that I actually hesitated when I handed the box to him. I would rather if they were going to be dropped that I was the one doing the dropping...because I know that they wouldn't drop from my death hold on them. Not unless some force of nature struck me! :)

Janet, there were a few um, four letter words that slipped! :)

dawn said...

I can't wait to see them Allison and laughing at your force of nature remark. So funny!

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