Sunday, March 2, 2014

I have moved.

I've moved my blog. You can now find me here:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Scrapbook Generation's CREATE magazine is now available!

It's got over 200 pages of creative papercrafting awesomeness! And, it's FREE!

Click here to get your copy!

Between being extremely sick (hello emergency room, iv fluids, and antibiotics!) and working on this magazine I haven't had many chances to blog in the new year. I didn't even blog about the launch of our new website and online store at!

Our goal is to become a local scrapbook store, virtually. As my moss (mom/boss) put it, "Those words spell out our all-out effort to be everything to our online customers that we are to our local customers."

Here's some more information about the new website via the SG store blog:

With the launch of the new website we're also unveiling a new loyalty program for online shoppers. The big picture? It's identical to the loyalty program for our local customers!

It's simple.
• Spend $50 and receive a $5 coupon for your next purchase. (The $50 in qualifying purchases excludes kit clubs, gift card purchases, taxes, and shipping fees.)
• Shopping totals are cumulative, so the $50 doesn't all have to be spent in one order. It can be spread out between two or more orders.
• After you reach the $50 total, within 12 hours you will receive an email with your $5 off coupon code.
• From time to time, we will have special double and triple point promotions just like in our Springfield store.

In addition, US orders over $75 ship free.

Other information about the new site:
• Once you create an account you can track old orders, see which downloads you have purchased, create wishlists for yourself and to share with others, and save multiple shipping addresses, and more.
• Thousands of new items have been added to the store, with more being added daily. (And with Winter CHA just around the corner, the new collections will start rolling in soon.)
• Products are now divided not only by brand, but by category.
• Local customers can also shop the website. They will still be able to choose the free "pick up" shipping option and we'll have the order ready to pick up at SG after 24 hours. (And now, local customers who do this will still be getting rewards points on their orders!)
• It will be impossible to have identical products in both spots. There may be products available online that aren't in the Springfield store, and vice versa, although we'll try our best to have things are uniform as possible!
• In a few weeks, there will be a gallery where users can upload and share photos of projects.
• Also in a few weeks, we'll switch to a new blog. Right now, the old blog is linked to the site and will continue to be used for a while.

Between the new magazine and the new website, I'm excited to see what is in store for Scrapbook Generation this year!  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Download Day!

It's download day! (As if you couldn't already tell that from the title of this post!)

I am elbow deep in work for the magazine and with Christmas coming up there isn't the usual amount of new downloads available this month. Here's a look at what is available:

Mini-Bundle: Christmas - one-page sketches - $2.29

Five Christmas themed one-page sketches designed by Allison Davis. You can get more information or purchase by clicking here.

Mini-Bundle: Christmas - two-page sketches - $2.29

Five Christmas themed two-page sketches designed by Allison Davis. You can get more information or purchase by clicking here.

Trio - $1.29

Three two-page sketches designed by Allison Davis from a past kit. You can get more information or purchase by clicking here.

Individual One-page Sketch - 49¢

A one-page sketch designed by Allison Davis. You can get more information or purchase by clicking here.

Individual Two-page Sketch - 49¢

A two-page sketch designed by Allison Davis. You can get more information or purchase by clicking here.

Free two-page sketch - you can download by clicking here.

This isn't a new bundle of sketches but I thought I would share it too. It's the Christmas bundle from last year:

Christmas Bundle - $10.00

• 3 card sketches • 6 two-page sketches • 6 one-page sketches • Christmas quotes • Christmas title ideas • 6-page Christmas tree PDF with instructions and ideas for creating Christmas tree embellishments.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Calendar

I know I've posted about our December advent calendar before and in case you don't know from my post a few years ago, I totally messed it up. Here's the short version of a long story:

1. Found cute sock advent calendar on Pinterest.
2. Didn't read directions, decided I was crafty enough to just go off the picture.
3. Bought a bunch of Christmas socks.
4. Thought things didn't look right when I put the socks on the strand of twine.
5. Realized that had I read the directions I would have discovered that they used baby socks.


It worked out fine and now we have this whole Dr. Seuss thing going on with our advent calendar. The boys love it!

This year I decided to put an new spin on an old advent calendar tradition.

Over the summer my Mom bought me an Instax Mini camera. For those of you that don't know an Instax camera is a film camera that produces instant pictures about the size of a credit card. The boys and I love this camera and are always finding ways to use it.

The twine for the advent calendar and the mini clothes pins that we use to hold up the socks actually stay up year round. After all the socks had been removed the first year we did the advent calendar I liked the look of the twine under our mantle and figured I could find something to hang on it year round in place of the socks. This is were the Instax camera came in. Since the summer we started hanging up our little Instax pictures on the twine. When I was taking down the pictures so I could hang the socks for our advent calendar the light bulb in my brain turned on.

Why not use our Instax camera to take pictures of each day of the advent calendar and then replace the removed sock with the picture!?

Drew and Jackson were so excited that we would be using the camera everyday! They love it when the little picture comes out and anxiously await for the picture to show up.

I was excited to have a picture from each day to document and display our advent calendar.

We do a mix of candy, activities, crafty things, and small items throughout the calendar. Since you can't put big items in the socks, sometimes there will be a note or clue in the sock and then the item is under the tree or hidden somewhere in the house. (Last year after they were very unappreciative on one day, the next day they got a "clean your room" note. We haven't had that problem since!) Usually we do some repeating with the smaller candy. Here's a list of what our advent calendar looks like this year:

• three Hershey's kisses (the boys love the mint truffle and candy cane kisses)
• new hats and gloves
• go see "The Best Little Christmas Pageant Ever" at the Springfield Little Theater
• two mini Kit Kats
• make foam snowmen from a kit
• paint a toy soldier
• made it snow around our tree (cotton balls on fishing line hanging from the ceiling)
• a small box of Christmas jelly beans
• make Ninja bread cookies
• go to Silver Dollar City
• Cookies and Cream Hershey's Santa
• make new ornaments for the tree
• go ride the Polar Express (they get new pajamas too)
• go see Santa
• make cupcakes to take to people
• make cookies for Santa
• drive around to look at Christmas lights (there is hot chocolate involved too!)
• have Christmas movie night with a new Christmas movie, popcorn, and hot chocolate

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A new Life Docuemented sketch!

My newest post is up over on the Simple Stories blog. I went a little Christmas tree crazy with this one!

Here's a look at the sketch:

You can download the full sketch with measurements and placements by visiting the Simple Stories blog. The link for the download is right below the picture of the sketch in my post.

Here's a look at my layout based on the sketch:

I had a lot of fun making those trees! That's right up my alley of things I like to create. I really enjoy trying to find different ways to make handmade touches like that. For some reason though, Christmas trees seem to be one of my favorites to make. There are so many possibilities for constructing them and for embellishing them!

You can see all the little details with more pictures over at Simple Stories. :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I have a lot of things to be thankful for:

-- I have a job that I love.
-- Pinterest. (Where else can I file workouts, cheesecake recipes, and tattoo ideas in the same place?)
-- I am healthy (As far as I know anyway!)
-- Our big backyard.
-- I have a family on both sides that I am proud to be a part of.
-- Bacon.
-- I have a sister who doubles as my best friend.
-- Grappling classes. (Yes I actually do this. What girl doesn't want to learn how to choke their husband? Just kidding. Kind of.)
-- My favorite coconut shampoo.
-- The awesome relationship I had with my dad.
-- The roof over our heads.
-- My camera.
-- Having a pretty cool Moss (mom/boss.) 
-- Racing.
-- Minnie, our sweet but really, really non-smart cat. (Calling her stupid just sounds mean.)
-- All of our other animals: Izzy, Chewy, Abbey, and Oscar. (I feel bad that I spotlighted Minnie.)
-- My Grandma's lemon cake.  
-- And her strawberry cake. 
-- Oh and that chocolate dessert thing

 But, ultimately, my whole universe and happiness revolves around these three:

My boys.

My 5-year-old Jackson.
My 8-year-old Drew.
My man-child Mike.

I couldn't imagine life without them and they are, without a doubt, what I am most thankful for.

I hope you have lots to be thankful for too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sketch Week Recap and Winner!

I hope everyone enjoyed Sketch Week this month and hopefully you'll get some use out of the new free sketch too! Personally, I loved this one. I liked both the amount of pictures and the variety of picture sizes. Plus, that strip of squares mixed with some creativity can produce some pretty cool and unique designs! 
Here's a look at the sketch and all the layouts I created based on it:
Scrapbook Generation's Free November Sketch
*Download by clicking here.

"New Traditions"

 "Cool Like Daddy"

"A Cake For Grandma"

There are also several great layouts to check out at the links below. A big thanks to the girls who created them for joining in during Sketch Week!

The winner of the Sketch Week giveaway is:
Scrapthat said...Always awesome Allison!!
LOL I saw the PP gold star die cut paper the other day and I immediately thought of you (as I usually do with anything stars because you use stars on your sketches frequently.) TFS girl!!

If you could email me at we'll get you hooked up with your download choice! :)

Happy Monday!