Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sketch Support, the online class

It's that time again! Sketch Support, the online class, is open for enrollment for the fall session. You can find more information here at My Creative Classroom. The class begins on September 20, is five weeks, and cost $30.

We just wrapped up the summer session of this class and last week a student in the class started a thread on Two Peas about what she learned from the class. My favorite was...

"Sketches are not a cop-out, they are a great springboard."

I was giddy with happiness when I saw that. I don't know how many times I've heard someone imply that sketches are cheating or using sketches means you're not creative. That is so far from the truth! And I get a little frustrated because I like to think I'm creative and I use sketches all the time.

As far as I'm concerned there are no rules in scrapbooking and that applies to sketches too. No one says you have to follow the sketch exactly or even that your end result has to look like the sketch. There is such a big range in the things you can do with a sketch that the possibilities are endless, just like a layout started from scratch. The beauty of sketches is that they provide that starting point and cut out the "I'm going to push my pictures and papers around the page for the next hour trying to figure out what to do" headache.

With this class, I tried to present many, many ways you can take a sketch and create a layout that is completely original and adjusted to fit your style and what you want to use. I really feel that this class proves the sketches are not a cop-out but instead a great springboard.


Janette said...


mustangkayla said...

I really like that - "Sketches are not a cop-out, they are a great springboard."

Merri Lynn said...

I totally agree that sketches are not a cop out--I probably would not be doing as much scrapbooking as I do without them. I can copy just about anything but I don't have original ideas--besides you always use different paper, titles etc so that can make many different layouts from the same sketch totally different. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK YOU DO.

TImeless Creations said...

I love taking sketches, tweaking them, and making them my own!! I will be providing sample layouts and the finished projects in my blog as well, check it out!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

You are so right! They are not a cop-out! I find when I use sketches my creativity is always reserved for all the fun stuff which makes my layouts more expressive and more me! Thanks for always sparking my creativity!

dlhfks said...

Loved this class! I took it the first time it was offered. Any chance of a part II?

dawn said...

I'm so excited to take this class finally and know already that it will be great. I say ditto on the comment too, sketchbooks are a huge help for us scrappers and can help us in many ways.

Allison your sketchbooks are the best and show us so many ways to change them around. I just got mine in the mail yesterday, yippeee!!
Thanks for all you do to inspire us and help keep things fresh with our scrapping.

dawn said...

p.s. Allison, wanted to ask how Drew is about going back to school. When does he start? Hope you share some first day photos with us again.

Allison Davis said...

There is definitely a chance of Sketch Support 2. In the last session of Sketch Support the women convinced me to do a second one. I've got a ton of ideas and can't wait to get started on it. I have a feeling there are going to be lots more online classes from me. :)

Dawn, he's starting to get excited. He wasn't ready to go back a few weeks ago but now that's it's getting close I think he's ready. He goes back a week from today so I guess that means I better go get his school supplies soon! :)

dawn said...

I think it would be great for you to have a part 2 for the class. Due to all the comments and people loving the first class, it will be filled in no time. I'm just thrilled to finally take the first class. I also read what the threads were on the "peas" blog and thought it was awesome. So many ladies love your style and ideas. I knew that 3 years ago when I found your blog and even before that when I saw your pages in CK and ripped them all out. So happy to follow you on this journey.

My kids go back 2 weeks from today, they are nervous and excited. Lots of changes in our school system and my daughter starts HIGH SCHOOL ALREADY!! Good luck with Drew and buying those fun supplies.

Amanda said...

I have only recently discovered your sketches and they are so perfect for me! You use tons of pictures and often use a collage style which is exactly how I want to scrap! Also, my favorite part about your sketches is that you show where to layer paper and good places for embellishments which is something that I struggle with! I CAN NOT wait for my books to get here...I ordered a week ago and it seems like forever as I wait in anticipation! Thanks for all of your hard work!

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